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  1. Alin, hey brother we really want to thank you for all your support over all the years here at May God bless you and keep you, safe friend.

    Happy 2018!
  2. Alin, thanks once again for your continued support here in the community for all these years. We truly thank you for being here friend.

    God bless,
  3. Alin thank you for your continued support of IGOTASTi.COM. We do miss you bro.

    God Bless friend.
  4. Alin if you ever come back please contact us so we can talk over your Moderator status.

    Miss ya pal.
  5. Thank you Alin for the continued support as a *Platinum* Member & Super Moderator of IGOTASTi.COM. We're so glad you have stuck with us over the years. If you need anything at anytime please let us know.

    God Bless.
  6. Congrats on the promotion to Super Moderator!
  7. Thanks again pal for doing such a great job with the community, and helping support
  8. Alin for all your support, and everything you do for! Now welcome to the mod team!
  9. Welcome to the Platinum Club!
  10. for your donation to IGOTASTi.COM!
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