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Thread: Lugging the Engine?

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    Lugging the Engine?

    If you're in 6th gear say doing 50MPH@2200RPMs, is that lugging the engine? I find that when using "I" Drive the system indicates for me to upshift quickly and the RPMs aren't really all that high. As soon as I check the RPMs and the gear, the iDrive indicates for me to shift to the next gear again. By the time I'm in 6th I'm at about 2200 RPM and no more than 50mph. Is this hard on the engine?

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    Lugging the Engine?

    I don't like being under 2.8k on the highway unless the highway is a decline. Your gearing is different from mine, so keep that in mind too.

    In the city, I coast around 2k. If I need to accelerate, I downshift. On the highway, you need a lot more load to move and if you're around 2-2.2k, then that's harsh on the engine. This is? Of course, in my opinion.

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    Re: Lugging the Engine?

    That's what I was thinking too, I've seen numerous video on lugging the engine. I guess I'll have to look into the gearing more then.

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