Hey everyone,
I am new to your folks forum. So let me say 'hello' to everyone and ask you a quick question.
I drive an '08 WRX STI, it's black, and I decided to add a couple of yellow accents to it, and then possibly by the next spring I'll grab a new set of wheels, or will have mine re-painted into black and yellow as well.
Anyways, I was wondering, what kind of paint do people usually use when they decide to paint their grille? Because I feel, that it is not okay to just grab any paint in spray and just paint it in my garage.
I saw one WRX with a painted grille (it's here, second line in the middle, blue subie - https://www.carid.com/gallery/subaru/wrx/), and it's exactly what I want my grille finish to be.
What do you think of that, folks?