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Thread: Clutch Noise

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    Clutch Noise

    I posted about this once before. And after browsing the internet it seems this is a common problem. I copy and pasted the below because it’s exactly what my car does. I purchased it used with about 27k miles. I have read several complaints about people’s clutch going out on brand new cars. Someone suggested it would maybe be s throw out bearing. Should I do anything about it or let it go?

    Car makes a whistling (whirring) sound when the clutch is pressed in. It sounds like high pitched metal on metal. Happens on a cold start up. The sound eventually goes away when the car is warmed up.

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    Re: Clutch Noise

    Wow! Subbed as I'm curious what the culprit is!

    Quote Originally Posted by Batmobile_Engage View Post
    It doesn't have to have a nut on the outside. Many are short, but I often try to find long ones that sometimes have a bend in them.

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    Re: Clutch Noise

    Sounds like either the throw out or pilot bearing. When the clutch is pressed in fully and you shift into neutral does the noise continue? If it continues it is my understanding that would be the throw out/release bearing and if it goes away then it is the pilot bearing.

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    Re: Clutch Noise

    video by chance? Mine went out at 23k miles but they gave me a whole new clutch and clutch pedal. There was a TSB for 15-16's, should have been corrected after that but my failure was way more that just a tob or w/e.
    My clutch sounded like a creaking office chair, turned out my clutch was toast lol fork was bent n surface was warped and pretty much just damaged in general. Drivable! but just flat out annoying and very much audible outside the car. Everything was covered under warranty though so didn't pay a dime.

    I do vaguely remember the clutch making a pop sound and it wasn't engaging till after a few pumps on the pedal. Had me worried lol but drove it like that for an additional month till it got too annoying as the sound would come n go and just stayed.

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