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    HI I just recently since Tuesday night I got a p0244 code and really would like more info on that the car is a '05 STI and is running good it just I was running along a other car and suddenly the pop-up that code and is for the turbocharger wastegate solenoid 'A' Range/performance I would like help on this please, some advice because I search on the car manuals and if doesn't show again just to leave it there alone and if so to change the wastegate solenoid valve any thoughts ??????

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    Re: P0244

    A few questions to begin:

    1) Is your car stock or is it modified?
    2) How were you driving when the code popped up?
    3) Have you checked around the engine bay and by the turbo for anything that may have come undone?
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    Re: P0244

    ^ Agreed. We need more info on the car before we can point you in the right direction.

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    Re: P0244

    @alexperformance according to Factory Service Manual P0245 is generic code for Turbo/Supercharger Wastage Solenoid "A" Range/Performance.

    What this means is that the turbo is not hitting its goals. This can be caused from of MOD's, bad tune, or failed Waste-gate controller, part on turbo, failed boost controller, or vacuum leek. We will need more information on your vehicle such as Mods, Tune, and possibly a log of whats going on. For now lets start with MODs and go from there.

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