Just wanted to say Hi... I lurked a little in the DIY section and decided to join.

I have a 2019 STi base in WR Blue and have been loving it since I bought it in July. This is my 4th Subaru, I had an '02 WRX Wagon (good story about it that I will have to tell sometime), a '13 Outback which is my wife's car, a '13 BRZ and now my STi. I was originally just going to buy the WRX but my wife said that she rather I bought the STi than buy a WRX and not be satisfied.

I've mostly been doing cosmetic work on the car. It's good enough out of the box that I don't really need to mess with it.

A few pics:

Still got a few things sitting in the garage and re-route, so she will look a little different in the next set of photos.

Anyways... glad to be here and I'll hopefully have something to contribute at some point.