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Thread: Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

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    Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

    I never browse Craigslist, and the few times I've posted have been terrible. Like getting zero interest and ending up way below what my research said I should get. I know a lot of you are veteran posters or buyers, do what's the best way to sell?

    I've got an expensive-ish Create and Barrel media center, a random garage fridge the previous owners left, and maybe a few other bits and pieces including all my moving boxes (would give those away, but free stuff seems to bring out weirdos?)

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    Re: Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

    I've been buying and selling on Craigslist since I was 15. I've never sold anything large like what you have and I'd imagine things will be different for your circumstance. I personally never give my address out to anyone. Either I meet someone in public or I go directly to their house. People are extremely fucking lazy, so I offer to deliver to them, which helps out tremendously with sales.

    I'd imagine you'd want someone to come to you and pick up your items for convenience. That will be a decision you make for yourself.

    Another alternative that you should do regardless and in addition, is to list your items on Ebay as a local pickup only. You will have to list your price higher to account for the fees.

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    Re: Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

    Try out Offer Up and Let Go apps on your phone, kinda like the new craigslist for the current generation. Also lets you select if your willing to ship the item as well, otherwise it will target the locals.

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    Re: Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

    I've sold a ton of stuff on craigslist and am regularly posting for other people. I've found the following to be the key differences between me selling and not selling items:

    - Good pictures! no pictures or 1-2 blurry crappy pics will have people passing without even clicking in a lot of cases
    - Cheap items always sell best, rare that you will sell things quickly that are over $100-200
    - Cross listing (use multiple categories, and multiple local cities if possible)
    - Keep ads short but with all of the specs (this helps your ad be found in searches)
    - Make the price really close to what you want to get expecting the buyer to haggle you for a few extra bucks. Anytime I've priced something higher hoping to make more, even with a price stating OBO, I will get no responses. As with any other sales arenas be sure to keep it under notable numbers: $45 not $50, $90 not $100, etc.
    - It is also important to use the "renew" feature to keep the listing toward the top.
    - Offer to help load large items if possible, I even keep cheap bungee cords around in case someone needs a couple for a large item. Barely costs me anything and it is a nice gesture.
    - Possibly the most important aspect is timing. You want to list on either Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, or Sunday morning in my experience. This gives you the best chance of being seen by people just browsing certain sections of craigslist first thing after work Friday or on the weekend mornings.

    Good luck.

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