My first car was a 1992 honda accord coupe. I loved this car because it was my first car and it was unbreakable! I use to mess around and drift in it everywhere haha it only crashed once out of the hundred times i went sideways haha it got a battle scar from that night. than i lowered it on ebay coilovers an put some wheels on it an stopped drifting lol but everyone ended up hitting the car :/ so i sold it
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Than my brother abandoned his 1991 acura integra an with the money i had from the accord i put a gsr engine in it it was a pretty quick car from a roll, but i needed a new transmission an lost interest so i sold that one as well lol
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Than i decided to get away from cars an got a 1989 dodge ramcharger. It was an old border patrol truck and was pretty powerful went mudding in it the first week i had it an the fuel pump went out :/ then i went mudding a second time an it went out again, an again, an again... after about 6 new fuel pumps i decided to get rid of it an i got offered a 1987 5.0 mustang, so i traded it haha
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The 5.0 wasnt running an i towed it home with the ramcharger before the other guy got to take the ramcharger home haha well after i got the stang runnin i found out it was cammed an had a v6 rear end :/ it sounded good but didnt move like it should have, thats when i lost my job an the gas was killing me so i didnt do anything to it, but i got another trade offer... for a 1992 honda accord hahaha
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Now i got another accord i was pretty excited because i wanted to get another one an this one was white and a 5speed unlike my first automatic one lol well the first week i had it someone stole my kenwood radio from it an i was livid! it reminded me of one of the reasons i stopped messing with hondas, well after that one of the brake lines busted so i replaced it, than the power booster went out while i was on my way to school an i almost wrecked, but since im a great driver i didnt i still have this accord, its just sitting until i come up with the money to replace the booster
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Along with the accord i have the STi my graduation gift from my parents. They wanted me to finally have a newer reliable car an this was on my mind i love this car an this will be with me forever! I cant wait for the warranty to end so i can start modifying I plan on a full invidia exhaust, cobb stage one tune and cobb tune intake. Cant wait
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