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Thread: CBRD

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    Just got back from my tuning session at CBRD.

    Chad was great to talk with, the shop was very nice, and the car feels very good.
    He listened to what I wanted, answered questions, gave some tips and thoughts on future changes, and (so far) seems to have done an excellent job tuning my car. They did a visual check of the car before starting and changed out a fitting for me that could have been an issue.

    On a relatively conservative tune she put down 380 / 345 on their Mustang Dyno

    All in all I was very pleased with the experience, I highly recommend them, and I recommended us to him as well. He asked that I send him a link so maybe CBRD will make an appearance here and there.

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    Very cool! Is that on 93 or E85?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyCrapItsFast View Post
    Very cool! Is that on 93 or E85?
    93, all the e85 pumps are being removed around here.
    anyway, I was pretty happy. A dynojet would have read around 420. But I told him from the get go I wasn't looking for monster power. So its a pretty conservative tune. Only took about 2 hours of on and off tuning.

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