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Thread: Grinder's OBP

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    Grinder's 07 OBP

    I bought my 07 off of my best friend and old roommate. He was the first owner and he babied it for the most part. When i got it in the summer of 2010 it only had about 17k on the odometer, and was pristine (new car smell even!). Since then I've slowly modified it, after spending hundreds of hours researching just about everything I've done.

    My car is a daily driver in the winter, so I'm trying to keep it reasonable, and reliable. I'm also rather budget conscious: I've tried to keep everything in the "bang-for-the-buck" category.

    The car now sees a few track days a year while still being my daily winter driver.

    To see my daily driver, check out my journal here:

    Table of Contents
    Mod List (post #2 )
    Pictures (post #3 )
    To-Do List (post #4 )
    What I've Spent (post #5 )
    Wanted List (post #6 )
    Installing CF trunk (post #14 )
    Koni Adjustment Extenders (post #15 )
    Installing 3-in-1 Gauge (post #16 )
    DIY Undertray (post #17 )
    DIY Undertray Redux (post #2 2)
    Stoptech ST-40 BBK Installed (post #72 )

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    Here are all the mods I've done to the car. Some are listed more than once, if they dont fall nicely into one category (eg lightweight wheels)

    Zzyzx EM Coilovers
    -Custom rebound adjustment extensions for rear
    Hypercoil Springs
    -Spring rates currently unkown
    Whiteline Max-C front camber plates
    Cusco rear camber plates
    Whiteline 24mm FSB (stiffest setting)
    Whiteline 24mm RSB (softest setting)
    Kartboy Front Endlinks
    Kartboy Rear Endlinks
    DIY Chassis Bridge

    Weight Savings
    Seibon CF trunk (painted and debadged)
    Volk TE37 18x8.5" +40 wheels (for summer)
    JDM Front bumper beam
    Front subframe delete
    Rear seat bar delete
    Rear wing removed
    Secondary Air Pump removed

    04/05 Tail lights
    Seibon CF trunk (painted and debadged)
    APR GTC-200 with custom risers
    RA UA mudlfaps, black with red lettering
    RA-R grill mod
    Red McGard spline drive lug nuts
    Volk TE37 18x8.5" +40 wheels (for summer)
    13.75" Front ride height
    13.5" Rear ride height

    WeatherTech floor mats
    LED interior lighting
    MadDad 3-in-1 gauge (Boost, EGT, Oil Temp)
    3rd brake light and parcel tray
    Innovate LC-1 Wideband

    Cobb AccessPort V2
    GS 3-Port EBCS
    ThermoTec Turbo Wrap
    Tigwerks Oil Pickup
    IXIZ Air-Oil Separator
    Perrin 2-piece catted DP
    DW200 Fuel Pump

    Hawk DTC-60 (for the track)
    Stoptech ST-40 Trophy Sport 332mm BBK
    ATE Superblue Brake Fluid

    Fumoto Drain Plug

    Awaiting install
    GPMoto EL Header

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    Here's a list that I'll keep updated about projects in-work or to-do for the car:
    Updated so higher priority closer to the top!

    Not "important"
    Figure out what spring rates i have!
    DIY Clutch Stop
    Weigh the car
    Install Headers
    DIY Intercooler Shroud
    DIY Hood Scoop Splitter
    DIY Radiator Shroud
    DIY Lower Grill Guard
    DIY Swaybar dustboots
    DIY Swaybar lateral lock

    Install Tribeca Horns
    Stretch Seat Springs
    Red-out Interior Lights
    Paint rotor hats black
    DIY Brake Ducts
    Heat-tape intercooler
    Heat-wrap coolant cross-pipe
    Install Wideband Gauge (sensor already in)
    Install HolyCrap Gauge
    Fab splitter
    Coilover dustboots

    60k Service
    - Coolant
    - Spark Plugs
    - Oil
    - Trans/Diff Fluid
    - AC Belt
    - What else?
    Fix ABS
    Fix brake ducts
    - Reinstall passenger tubing
    - Permanently affix driver's side connection at the bumper
    - Heat shield passenger side roo-duct
    Alignment when switching suspension
    Check wiring for EGT guage

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    I guess I'll make this my "wanted" list, in rough order of desire/likelihood/order:

    ID 1000 (maybe FIC)
    IXIZ Phenolic Spacers
    KSTech Weldless TGV Deletes
    Coolant-cross-pipe wrap (while the TGVs are off!)
    Total Bushing Upgrade

    Down the Road:
    35-40% Tint
    Softer Springs
    Louder Horns
    V-Limited Lip
    KB Botox Bolts
    SS Brake Lines
    Intake Silencer Delete
    E85 Tune
    Another 3-in-1 (AFR, Oil Pressure, IAT)
    Turbo Inlet
    Litespeed Rear Bumper Beam
    Lightweight Battery
    Red Interior HVAC/window/stereo lights
    Hood Dampers
    Radiator Shroud
    Silicone Intercooler Hoses
    Silicone Auxiliary Hoses
    Silicone Radiator Hoses
    CF or Al driveshaft (perhaps DriveShaftShop Al one)
    Seibon TS-Style rear lips/apron/spats (whatever you call it) (RL0607SBIMP-TS)
    Intelligent IC Sprayer Controller
    Coilover Covers
    Coilover Thrust Bearings
    Full Detail and Paint Correcton
    Smooth Underbody

    Burn-Up bumper and fenders?

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    I dont know what else to keep here, so I'll make a list of potential vanity plates.

    ITSBKWD (too clever? ITS backwards = STI)
    XXXAWHP (XXX to be filled in after a dyno)
    FISTI (Feisty and FI STI. Too clever again?)
    X32 GM0

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    Quote Originally Posted by rek888v2 View Post
    Looks good man!!!
    Hah thanks. I haven't even added any content yet though!

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    Nice pics!

    Without you, we cease to exist. Without your support, we stop growing. Without your involvement, we remain at a standstill.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to our organization and your creative ideas and support.

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    Looks good!

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    Nice, I like those wheels on the OBP. And you should never add up how much it all costs, that is when you start second guessing all of your hard work.

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