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Thread: Cobb-Plano Review

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    Cobb-Plano Review

    So As some of you may know I went to Cobb-Plano on Saturday to get an E70/91 oct tune. I also had them install the injectors, EBCS and pump. Here is my initial review of their service.

    I contacted Cobb, via email, to set up an appointment. Email response was a bit slow after a day or so, so i decided to call. I know, the act of speaking makes some people cringe. lol. Plus, I am realist and understand emails can be lost, never gotten, or simply pushed to the side. I spoke to Calvin first. He was very nice and had stated that they had received the email but unfortunately had yet to respond. I'm not easily butt hurt. I said cool and continued on. He wouldn't get into specifics about price, etc. But stated Adrian or Neil would be phoning or emailing me with answers. Calvin did pencil my appointment in, the most important part. Within an hour, Adrian phoned and we discussed the tune, the parts and the process. we even discussed where to eat. With all of that said, my initial, brief reservations are put at ease. Adrian also explained that my choice of DW injectors was not recommended by them anymore. Something about them performing erratically, misfiring and the pintle caps dropping out. I was a bit bummed but I figured I could sell them to recoup some cost.
    The day of reckoning comes. I arrive about 45 minutes early. No one is there so I just hang out admiring the cooler weather. Promptly at nine, the whole gang shows up. Subarus. Evos, Speed3's. Neil jumps out of his bugeye and promptly greets me with a nice Work wheels. We head inside and he promptly gets to work with me about my needs. I sign the disclaimer, he tags my keys and car and they pull it around to start the work.
    Neil and I discussed the issue regarding Deatschwerks injectors and I found out he/they were thoroughly frustrated with DW and had no choice but to stop using them for the safety of their customers and their good name. Basically the incident of failure was high enough that they had to devise a vacuum to suck the injector pieces out of the motor.
    The facilities were clean up front. Plenty of seating, couches and such, and enough Top Gear episodes to keep one entertained for the day. Anything in the fridge was up for grabs. Basically mi casa su casa was the word. The shop was immaculate!! I have never seen such a clean floor. No clutter and everything was very, very well organized. This alone will speak volumes of how they do their work... meticulous.
    I was their for about 9 hours. I can attest to the busy part. It would come in waves of people, phone calls and email chimes. Neil and Adrian have a lot on their hands dealing with the people in person and on phones/email. However, they were always patient willing to help with even the most of trivial questions. Even when the local Subaru dealership called about tech questions. Also I got to overhear them speaking to a customer that had come in stating he was not happy with the tune and was having some other issues. They were very professional and dealt with him promptly to diagnose the problem, though none was found... at that time. My work was pushed back because of this but I do understand.
    As I stated before, I was there for 9 hours. A bit longer than I expected but still expected, if you know what I mean? Calvin, being the only tuner, got pulled in many directions, as one would assume. As the afternoon wore on, we finally got the car on the dyno. Calvin hammered the piss out of the car until he got it right for both maps. in the meantime, I chatted with Adrian and Neil about life, love, hates, hipsters, growing old, ADD lol, cars, and whatever else.
    At around 5:30ish we were done. Calvin took the ride out for a serious romp to approve of his own work. I asked him how she drove and he stated "yep, she's pretty fast." I paid, thanked and went out to my new ride.
    I left, blipped the throttle down the road, turned the corner and hammered it. I promptly pulled over to a parking lot and got out shaking. Power was rude and quick and never let go. My drive home involved pulls in all gears, WOT, roll ons and so on and so forth. The beast has been awakened.

    In surmise: A clean facility, great customer service, experienced, knowledgeable staff and a passion to do right.
    I have only one suggestion; They do need someone else to do some PR. Adrian and Neil are trying to juggle a lot and I could see a third person being a huge relief to them and helping in the overall efficiency of the operation.
    Overall, worth the drive, the money, the time and the lack of sleep on my part. A big thumbs up

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    Yeah you don't hear many bad things about this shop. They definitely have the practice and the inside knowledge.

    My journal

    Tuning & Service: Self Tuned
    Machining services: Bob @ Ace Crankshaft, Bayshore NY, Ralph @ Chudnow Manufacturing

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    Re: Cobb-Plano Review

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyCrapItsFast View Post
    Yeah you don't hear many bad things about this shop. They definitely have the practice and the inside knowledge.
    Just like I.G.O.T.A.

    Without you, we cease to exist. Without your support, we stop growing. Without your involvement, we remain at a standstill.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to our organization and your creative ideas and support.

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    I brought my Evo X over there a few years back for a spring, intake, AP install. I too showed up early and did not get my car back until 3-4pm. I did get to take a walk around the shop and dyno area. Neil was very helpful and friendly. I left
    100% Satisfied with the work and price.

    My father and I went because I figured we would be waiting. We eventually left and grabbed some food and walked around fryes electronics until the cars was done.

    I'll take my STi and Evo X back there again when I get back to Texas.

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