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Thread: Bianca ('06 STi), A New Start

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    Bianca ('06 STi), A New Start

    Alright, updates are coming soon, so I have consolidated the main posts in the thread down to 4 major posts: 1, 6, 9 and 51.

    Some of y'all know me already, I'm the guy who had the (likely first) 3rd gen with a tube bumper. It was a good learning process, but the truth remained, the 3rd gens aren't as toughly built as the GD bodies. So I traded in Roxie (WRB '11 WRX) for Bianca (OBP '06 STi). This will be my build thread for the new iteration. This was Roxie's build:

    So here's Roxie before:

    Built for damage:

    Some desert run vids:

    And as she looked at trade in:

    Now say goodbye to Roxie, and hello to Bianca.
    As she rolled out of the dealership:

    Next to my buddies WRB '04:

    And just a few mods done over the first few days (Perrin Wing Stiffies, JDM style window visors, a Killer B shift knob, some vinyl decals to represent (DirtyImpreza & MNSubaru) and a partial debadge):

    And here is one of the most current pics:

    And, here is a mod list of what will be going in or has gone in Installed, Not Installed & Need to Buy:

    COBB OTS Stage 1 tune – 91 Octane
    QwikValve Part #F105S – Short Nipple - Engine Oil Pan
    QwikValve Part #F108S 16mmx1.5 w/Clip – Tranny Oil Pan
    QwikValve Part #T207 26mmx1.5 w/Clip – Tranny Oil Pan
    GrimmSpeed P'n'P'ed Exhaust Manifold
    Killer B Oil Pan/Baffle/Pickup Tube
    Killer B 1/2NPT to 1/8PT Adapter
    Tigwerks Engine Mounts (and OEM Engine Mount Plates) – 60A Stiffness Bushings
    Upgraded Tranny Mount
    Tigwerks Power Steering Reservoir
    KartBoy Pitch Stop Mount
    KartBoy 6MT Short Throw Shifter & Bushings
    Borla Hush CBE (will be modified for higher exit, along with rear bumper)
    Tigwerks Oil Return & Power Steering Fittings
    60mm Defi BF Oil Temp., EGT, Boost & Fuel Pressure Gauges
    Samco Hoses and Hose Clamps
    3mm Phenolic Spacers
    PTP Turbo Blanket - Lava
    LightSpeed Ti Turbo Heat Shield
    Perrin Turbo Heat Shield GD
    Universal 5 Points HKS Grounding Kit

    Braid Winrace TA – 15x6.5+45
    Yokohama Geolander A/T-S – 215/70-15
    Subaru 4/2 Pot Calipers & Rebuild Kits
    DBA 4/2 pot Rotors for STi
    Stoptech STR660 Brake Fluid DOT 4 .5L
    Goodridge 01-07 Subaru WRX/STi Phantom G-Stop Brake Lines
    Porterfield R4-S Brake Pads
    King Lifting Springs
    Grp N Front & Rear Strut Tophat/Mounts for GDs
    2006 STi OEM Struts - Front & Back – For future Feal revalve
    TSS Weld-on Strut Mounts - Front/Back
    TSS Trailing Arms (stock - +1") & Trailing Arm Mounts (stock - +1") - Lime Green
    2x 5mm Wheel Spacers
    Offensive Power Fender Braces
    Cusco Strut Bar & Triangle Brace
    Whiteline Rear Sub-frame Lockdown Bolts

    Armor/Weight Loss:
    Primitive Racing 3/16” Rear Diff Plate
    Primitive Racing 3/16” Aluminum Skid Plate w/ Stinger Option
    Stripped Interior (carpet, insulation, some trim, rear seat belts & mounts)
    Aluminum Diamond-plate Floormats
    Protection Installed over Fuel/Brake lines
    Rally Armor Mud Flaps (Red Logo)
    Trunk Separating Nets

    Clarion CX501 In-Dash CD/MP3/VMA Receiver
    ATi Dual Steering Column 60mm Gauge Pod
    Sullivan Racing Aluminum Pedals - Gold Grid
    Killer B Shift Knob
    JDM Style Window Visors
    BLOX Racing Vortex Generator
    5x Perrin Stiffies (3 Installed)
    04-05 WRX/STi Sedan Tail Lamp Pair
    Roof Vent
    Roof Scoop Fiberglass Bolt-on Rally
    JDM Style Window Visors (hardware installed, not double sided tape)
    4 Hella Supertones
    Billet Aluminum Glove-box Handle
    Accessory Plug 4 Way Splitter/Extension
    Grimmspeed High-Lift Hood Struts
    JDM Hazard Light Switch
    Rigid Industries Hybrid SR-Series 10" LED
    Rigid Industries Dually Hybrid 2x2 LED - 2
    Impreza/WRX/STi Armrest Extension
    STi Aluminum Oil Filler Cap
    Subaru Keyhole Plugs GD WRX STI Impreza
    Black VW OEM Sunglasses Hand Grip Holder
    2004 STi Owner’s Manual Case

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    Welcome to the team. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Without you, we cease to exist. Without your support, we stop growing. Without your involvement, we remain at a standstill.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to our organization and your creative ideas and support.

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    Welcome to IGOTASTI! I will definitely be subscribing and anxious to see your progress! Youll love it here!

    Quote Originally Posted by Batmobile_Engage View Post
    It doesn't have to have a nut on the outside. Many are short, but I often try to find long ones that sometimes have a bend in them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Batmobile_Engage View Post
    I don't need another reason to dig through 4 layers of clothes to whip the sea monster out in 0 degree weather.

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    Welcome. When did you get bianca?

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    Thanks guys! Got her literally a week ago, almost to the hour now. I'll definitely be making some progress soon, got plans for that old bumper setup, just gotta figure out how to implement the plan, since I don't have a welder down here (it's back with my family in the great-white-north). Trying to source out my lift now.

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    10-13FEB2013: Installed the Cusco OS rear strut brace and triangle brace the first day. Noticeably stiffened up the rear a little bit, but required a run to the hardware stores for, you guessed it, more hardware. (My buddy Preston helped with everything this day. Thanks bro!) We also attempted to fix the leak into my power steering that was stiffening the turning a lot, and causing a horrid squeal. Replaced all the clamps with hose clamps (one day they will get replaced with something safer for hose), replaced the fluid (it was nasty and brown, probably never replaced) and replaced the O-ring that is notorious for leaking. The O-ring was super squared off, hard and warped; likely the original factory piece, like the fluid likely was. Squeal was taken care of for the moment.

    That night we (Preston, 2 other Subaru buddies and myself, so 4 Subies total, 2 STi’s and 2 WRXs) went out to a local spot called “The Wall” (desert area by the Rio Grande where Jeep guys go to tear around). Threw some dust up, had a good bit of fun, did some donut-action and just generally hooned in the dirt for a bit. All fun and games until something breaks though; Preston’s STi started spewing coolant from the janky coolant reservoir he was running with his FMIC setup. Cap didn’t seal up right, but doubt that was the whole issue. All 4 of us ended up sitting around out there taking turns to refill his system with piss. (Not sure if he did a coolant flush or not before selling, if not, that’s even better.) Good times.

    Next day the power steering whine was back with a vengeance. After a bunch of searching that day (the 11th) and coming up with zero (didn’t check the O-ring this time) I decided to rest that night and check it out the next day.

    Checked the O-ring the following day, and sure enough, the O-ring got torn during install. Quick replacement later (including a run up to the local AutoPepNAPA-BoysZone) and the problem was finally fixed. Also increased my collection of O-rings. And since I had spare time I decided to install two (2/4 going in) of my Hella Supertones, hadn’t decided where the last two would go yet. Finished the horn install on the 19th, so I have 4 Hellas just waiting for some idiot to cut me off. Hopefully someone shits their pants and wakes up.

    MAR2013: Worked on the car intermittently throughout the month. Didn’t get much done, as I was mainly just enjoying the car.
    Removed my carpet and most of the relatively easily pulled foam mat, as well as the plastic venting for the rear foot-wells. Sold the carpet and the floor-mats to my buddy here who has an '04 with ugly carpet and floor-mats. Also, installed some Aluminum diamond-plate floormats (with the dead pedal also) to provide some grip, bought them off an eBay shop. They would fit better if I had the regular flooring still, but it's alright, I have them bolted in to the floors with riv nuts and small machine screws (these replaced the self-tappers that are in the pics). Last interior bits I installed were replacing the glove-box handle with a billet aluminum handle I scored off eBay and installing a cigerette lighter plug extension/splitter. Pics:

    Installed some Carbon Fiber Sokie Tech hood dampers off of an eBay seller (Alvoturk9000 or something close). Great purchase, and glad I bought them. Also installed these carbon fiber goodies (grills that need some adjustment to fit correctly and a fuel door overlay that had the same issue) and some stickers (a few on the back window and some under the hood for installed parts).


    Later in the month I started installing the 6” wide HDPE strips (6”x60” sheets in .020” and .040” thicknesses) I had purchased in the beginning of the month. These are covering the hard-lines and wiring harnesses that run along the inside face of the door sills. Started with the .020” thick strips, and later covered the front half with the .040” thick strips for added protection (no need in the rear with no back seat). They are riveted to the trim pieces on the sills and connected under the lines/wiring with more riv-nuts and machine screws, same as the floor plates/mats.

    Towards the end of the month I installed a Blox Racing vortex generator, fitment wasn't the flattest, but it's not going anywhere thanks to 8-10 beefy rivets, some 3M foam tape and some E-3000 (or whatever it's called, some sort of silicone/glue, it works great). Hopefully it doesn't leak at all, but if it does, I'll fix that. Not sure how I feel about the look though. The same evening I installed a set of Whiteline rear subframe lockdown bolts. Big pain in the ass to install, but the quick spin I took afterwards left me feeling they were worth it. Then again that could be the placebo affect people get.

    APR2013: Beginning of this month I received emergency deployment orders (couldn’t talk about the deployment until ~2 months after leaving when press releases were made) and left to Guam the middle of the month. I tried to get a little done on the car during this time, as well as still spending time with my beautiful wife, and spending long hours at work. Drank a lot of caffeine and didn’t sleep much during this time, and didn’t accomplish much with the car.
    I removed the front seats to finish the last bits of the HDPE strip install (pieces I attached to the bottom of the B-pillar trim), and took the opportunity to get of the rattle that was coming from the underseat sub when the bass would hit. I remounted it with metal “tape” (the type sometimes used for strapping up pipes, thin metal strip with intermittent holes that comes in rolls in the plumbing aisle). Essentially did an “X” shape over the sub, and bolted the ends to the floor with machine screws and riv-nuts. Put foam tape and painters tape (holds the foam tape in place) on all the rub points and on the cross-point; increased the tightness of the mounting setup and killed any possible plastic-metal contact. I may find an alternate method of covering the strapping later on, probably just paint it black and rewrap the painters tape with electrical tape.
    Second thing I accomplished was installing some of the Defi gauges (Defi-Link Meter BF gauges) I bought off a local friend I made. He had the boost, EGT and fuel pressure gauges with the control unit. I installed the boost and EGT partially, meaning I wired them in, installed the gauges and got the sensor wiring ran out, but didn’t install the sensors. Gauges are mounted in an ATI steering column cluster, the control unit got strapped down (same strapping I used on the sub) to the driver’s side of the center console, just under the dash.
    Installed the new head unit I bought, since I really missed being able to use my iPod in the car, replacing the stock 6-disc with a Clarion CX501. It’s an MP3/CD player with USB and AUX connections. First radio install ever, but I accomplished it. After this got the Sullivan Racing pedals (gold grids) put in, I bled a little bit during the process, but very worth it. So pretty and grippy!!

    Last thing I accomplished before I left was to get the car ready for long-term storage. Did an oil change (installed the QwikValve/Fumoto drain valve for later ease), checked the other fluids, topped off the tires and plugged up the exhaust and intake with copious amounts of foil. While I had the car on jack stands (for the oil change) I installed the skid plate. After this was all done I disconnected the battery, tossed the back seat pieces in the back (not installed, just loose), closed her up and said goodbye.

    30JUN2013: Also, since this is somewhat of a journal, as well as my build thread, I'll say goodbye to my (my wife's originally) dog, Cara. She had to be put down on Saturday in VA, due to just getting really old, and having organs failing. She was an English Yellow Lab, and she would have hit 14 years old come September. I'll miss the puppy, but I know she isn't hurting anymore.
    Obligatory pic of the fur-butt.

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    lol, nice!

    So whats up with the coolant reservoir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinder34 View Post
    lol, nice!

    So whats up with the coolant reservoir?
    My buddy has a FMIC, so I guess the coolant reservoir needs replacing when you have this (piping I guess??) so he has a replacement reservoir he got from someone else, and the lid doesn't stay very well. It looks like one of those "magazines" or "refill tubes" for paintball. Coolant was blasting out like arterial bleeding though, it was pretty bad ass.

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    AUG2013: Bought these:
    One of these:

    One of these:

    And after I'm back home, it'll look something like this (not my car or my pic, stolen from Creel's (on DirtyImpreza) post):

    Bought the brakes I've been waiting for a good deal on, '06/07 WRX 4/2 pot calipers. Also scored a few more goodies like a brand-new Killer B oil pan/baffle & pick-up combo, from a guy who wasn’t going to install it in his car, a pair of lightly used rear Grp N top-hats and bought a Contour+2 camera off Amazon.
    Bought the wife a necklace, she'd been eyeballing it, I bought it for her, earned some major brownie points that I can't make use of for a while still.

    OCT-DEC2013: Thought I had scored a super deal ($115 shipped) on BNIB ‘04/05 Impreza tail-lights from a seller on eBay, but the shithead seller decided they wouldn’t ship. When I filed a dispute they immediately refunded the money, though I said I wanted the lights, not the money. Worked out though, as a week after getting the refund I won the bidding on another set of BNIB tails, got them for a little over $220 shipped, so about as much as a used set.

    OCT2013-FEB2014: Bought a few other things for the build during this time:
    • TSS Weld-on strut mounts
    • Second set of ’06 STi struts (for a future revalve)
    • Armrest extenson
    • Replacement oil cap (billet Aluminum piece with STi engraved)
    • Replacement fuel door (replace that silly CF covered one)
    • Grp N Front top hats
    • 2004 STi owner’s manual case (looks better than the ones on other years, has a pretty CBR STi logo too)
    • Tigwerks engine mounts (w/60A bushings)
    • Perrin turbo heatshield
    • 60mm Defi BF Oil temp. gauge (goes with the Defi-link setup)
    • 3mm Phenolic spacers
    • GrimmSpeed High-lift hood struts (will replace the Sokie-tech set)
    • KartBoy Pitch-stop
    • TSS Trailing arm mounts (stock & 1” longer mounting positions) – Lime Green
    • Borla Hush CBE
    • JDM Hazard Light Switch
    • TSS Trailing Arms (adjustable from stock to 1” longer) – Lime Green
    • DBA 4/2 Pot Rotors for 5x114.3 hubs (STi fitment)
    • Perrin Stiffies (2 more to finish the spoiler)
    • Tigwerks Oil return fitting & Power Steering pump fitting
    • Offensive Power fender braces

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    Very cool. I like how your taking your build, lifted and rally style vs. tarmac. It is refreshing to see things done differently.

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