2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi



From daily driver to garage queen and nothing in between!

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I am on a mission to learn as much as possible and help others avoid the silly beginner mistakes that could potentially harm their vehicle. This car has given me a lot of different outlooks not only on the car world, but on life as well. I wouldn't have met the wonderful people I know now if it hadn't been for this car!


  • Other Engine: TMIC fan mod created by HolyCrapItsFast


  • Body Modifications: Seibon CF hood, WRX trunk, 3M carbon wrapped roof, PSM mirrors
  • Paint Color: World Rally Blue


  • Upholstery: Blue suede wrapped headliner
  • Guages: AEM UEGO, Omori boost gauge, SMY cluster

5 Comments on "2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi"

    Great work! - 09-11-2014
    Keep up the great job. We love seeing the changes that you make to your STi.
    • Pros: 2004, WRB,
  • tandj
    Looks amazing!! - 09-26-2014
    Awesome that your helping others (potentially me!) to not make any stupid mistakes modding :)
    • Pros: Blobeye, WRB
  • trx45075
    Nothing like the first !! - 10-25-2014
    Learning to drive this car at 18 is awesome , I didn't get that lucky though. I learned in a 06 WRX TR at 22 , now loving my new 2015 STI LE. Now 3 Subie's later , just cant never get enough seat time. One thing i will never ever forget is my first WRX ride in 2001 , I was hooked from then on.
    • Pros: Owning The Original STI
    • Cons: There getting Harder to find this body style.
  • FaceRipper
    Nice ride - 05-18-2016
    Looks good! I was just looking into a seibon hood and trunk potentially for my STI . You mention having made mistakes. I'm very new to the world of mods so I'm curious to learn what would you do right now with a stock STI knowing what you know.
  • ltsubie
    Tastefully done - 04-20-2020
    Hard work pays off. Plans are better.
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