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    Ngo?i b?nh vi?n, c?m t?m bi?u ng? l?n, ng??i nh? b?nh nh?n nh?t nh?ng h?n ?? d??i ??t n?m v?o trong b?nh vi?n, kh?ng ng?ng ch?i r?a L? Phong - b?c s? ch?a tr? khi?n b?nh nh?n t? vong.
    thu tuc quyet toan thue thu nhap ca nhan
    luu y quyet toan thue thu nhap ca nhan
    cach hach toan chiet khau thuong mai
    kinh nghiem lam ke toan xay dung

    L? Phong m?m ch?t m?i, tr?i qua nhi?u l?n ??u tranh t?m l?, cu?i c?ng, t? trong b?nh vi?n b??c ra, n?t m?t r?t ?au kh?, ?y n?y n?i:
    Wesley, we wanted to let you know that your membership was canceled and we now only offer a lifetime membership. If you have any questions please ask us.

    Thank you,
    Thank you Wesley for your continued support as a *Platinum* Member of IGOTASTi.COM! :rockon:

    God Bless.
    Hello & welcome to the team my friend! If you need anything at anytime please feel free to ask us. Also post up and say hi to the community in the "New Member/FAQ Area". Thanks again for taking the time to join us. Have a great day.
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