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  • :bow: Thanks once again, friend, for all the many years of support!

    We hope you have a blessed year this year!! :drive:

    God bless friend,
    All we can continue to say is thank you, friend, for all the years you have been supporting us. We are truly blessed to have you here and your support. :drinking:

    God bless,
    Brother, it has been a long time and we are so blessed for your continued support and years of being here in the community. Thank you for another year of support and help here running the community. :bow:

    God bless,
    Ryan, thanks again for all the years of support here at We truly are blessed to have you on the team. :cheers:
    You've been here a long time friend. Thanks again for all your support to us. Means a big deal to all us here. ;)

    God Bless friend.
    Welcome to Super Moderator status! Thanks again friend for all you do here at :)

    God bless brother!
    Thanks Ryan for your ongoing support as a *Platinum* Member & Moderator of IGOTASTi.COM. We're so glad you're family. :)

    God Bless.
    Hello Batmobile_Egage:
    live in Ottawa and they salt the roads like crazy .. my question is:
    Is it ok if I rust proof my car: *undercarriage *, engine bay, etc using product like Rust Check - Free Corrosion, etc.
    Thanks Ryan for your continued support as a Platinum member & Moderator of IGOTASTi.COM. We're so glad to have you on our team.

    God Bless. :tups:
    the best way to remove the adhesive is goo gone. window tint remover or isopropil alcohol may also work but you will need to put more effort in trying to remove the adhesive. goo gone is probably your best bet and quickest way to remove the adhesive
    Shit. I just saw this, sorry.

    I'm from Medina, NY originally. I live in Lyndonville currently which is in Orleans County right near the south shore of Lake Ontario. It's just about halfway between Buffalo and Rochester.
    I changed my screen name for a couple reasons...

    1. The KW in BAD_KW_STi was for Key West (Florida) and now I don't live there anymore...
    2. My STi is full of gadgets (meth kit controller, radar/laser detector, laser jammer, DEFI gauges,
    parking proximity sensors, GPS, sound system, etc.) that beep numerous tones during their power
    on sequences. Plus it's Java Black Pearl on dark gunmetal Rotas, the insides of my head lights are
    painted flat black and the crystal lenses over the reverse bulbs in the tail lights are smoked. The scoop
    was replaced with a lower profile vent and the huge wing replaced with a small v-limited trunk lip.
    Kinda sleeper-ish...

    Anyways, the room mate I had in Key West used to laugh and say, when I'd turn the key and the
    electronics would power up,

    "Hell yeah...BATMOBILE ENGAGE!"
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