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  • heebee jeebees what ever did I do too you? ;) Thanks dude! I know I havent been on much as of late, as I have been dealing with some things here but I will make a concerted effort to be on here more.
    I am proud to help. I truly believe this is the best forum around. Just all around good people who love to help and not flame people. IGOTA FTW
    Hey this is Grant At Defined. Just wanted to say you've got an awesome forum here.. everything is laid out nicely and its very user friendly! I've got one question though, how do I change my profile picture?
    I have a question regarding members selling parts? Are we authorize to post items on the site for sale? The set of oem headlights i bought from oak leaf salvage are great but my current aftermarket hid grew on me. Would I be allowed to post a sale on the site? price $400 free shipping.
    awww im not a mod anymore? that's the only reason i come on the site, to lurk and see if stuff needs moderation.
    Hola,, Hi!,, I want to do 10.8 thru 11.5 on 1/4 mile,, Hola Buscando hacer de 10.8 a 11.5 en el 1/4 de milla.
    Who can tell me the mods, quien puede decir los modificaciones basicas.
    I have a cobb 2.0. on 2011 sti;) sedan
    hey man i know its been forever since we last talked but my car finally has a 3inch invidia q300 hundred exhaust and it sounds great stage 2 pulling 16.7 psi on stock everything has made me more then happy would love to enter to win your radiator shroud to help in my build of my car
    Hi Everyone i am so glad of this forum when i met my first WRX 02 i was so pleased and my life has changed now i have an STI and i like your Site because here we can understand the same language here it's the Subaru Language , it's so different so unique it's the best beat ...
    Sure thing JJ and if you could please look at the how to ECU section forum and help me out with this issue I have with my car. Its no rush but any suggestion from you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man:)
    Not a Problem man Believe it or not. This is my home, I might be out on the road for a bit, but i will be back home soon. I will be back to make you laugh, cry and smile.. Thank you buddy for having my back when i needed it most
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