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  • Hey my friend. Thank you for your continued support as a "Supporter" of IGOTASTi.COM! :rockon:
    Hey! Fort collins has a big community of cars that cruise, and some race, down college ave every friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately the only subaru meets occurr from people on awdpirates.net, and most of them are asshats so I never go. It'd be cool to get a chill meet going on though.
    Hey man how is it going? I live in Laramie and I am pretty much the only Subaru in town. When I was living in Grand Junction we use to meet up every week. Do you guys do the same in Fort Collins?
    What's your first impressions on E85 :)
    Thanks for becoming a Supporter to IGOTASTi! Welcome and glad to have you on the team! :)
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