The Accidental Icon!

    This video was sent to us by the owner Dave Zalstein and he asked us if we would share it for him. Enjoy!

    Crashed My Brand New Subaru WRX STi

    Well, the video tells it all! KEEP IT ON THE TRACK! :tard:

    760HP Subaru STI vs 427ci Built Corvette

    Can you guess who won? :rofl:

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi Track Crash

    Well, that sucks!

    TRACK BATTLE! Ford Focus RS vs Subaru WRX STI

    So what do you think of this review?

    Woman flips out over modified Subaru STi

    We think she's jealous she doesn't own one. :rofl:

    Subaru WRX STi smashes Corvette at the drag strip!

    Did you see how the Corvette seemed to get pumped up by doing a burnout? His viagra pills must have given him a false sense of hope. :rofl:

    1957 Fiat Subaru STi-Powered 500 For Sale!

    So who would rock it? We would!!! :drive:

    Subaru vs. Mitsubishi Minions Style

    This video cracks us up! :rofl:
  10. IGOTASTi

    WRX STi vs Duramax

    That was an unfair fight! :rofl:
  11. IGOTASTi

    Subaru STi fails while towing a truck

    Any one have a marshmallow. :rofl:
  12. IGOTASTi

    Subaru WRX STI catches on fire at Pitt Race

    He's a lucky guy that he had an aquafina bottle of water. :rofl: Skip to 2:40 in the video.
  13. IGOTASTi

    Subaru Forester Car Crash and Flip Off the Side of a Mountain

    That didn't end well. :-o
  14. IGOTASTi

    10 Things I HATE About My Subaru STi

    This video should be 10 things we hate about this video. :rofl: Who wants to start? :tard:
  15. IGOTASTi

    LingenFelter CTS-V Battles Big Turbo STi

    We think he needs a lesson in shifting. :rofl:
  16. IGOTASTi

    Blobeye STi Review | 10 year old Trash?

    So what do you think about his review? If you don't like my BIG WING screw you! :rofl:
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    MTV CRIBS : That Boosted Bitch! WHY?

    We know lots of people have seen this video already, and the backlash she's received is incredible and has caused major uproar in the Subaru scene. Our question is why? Why would you make a video like this? First off the car is a 2008 WRX with a wrap and wheels. Why brag about that? We would...
  18. IGOTASTi

    Subaru Boxer Rumble - Exhaust Explained

    So how do you think he did explaining the Subaru rumble?
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    2015 Subaru WRX STi on jackstands, on a 2 wheel mustang dyno.

    So we saw this last week on Facebook and didn't post it as we were on vacation. We also saw this shop get crucified on social media. Now we understand this is his STi, but what we don't understand is what good would it do just to dyno the rear wheels? Give us your thoughts.......
  20. IGOTASTi

    Subaru STi Crashes Into Innocent Ferrari!

    We wonder who's paying that bill? :tard: