06 WRX Vs STI rocker panels?


I need to replace the rocker panels on my 06 STI pretty badly soon. Everywhere I look, the left side is still available from Subaru but the right side has been discontinued? 1st question: Does anyone have a source that actually has both sides in stock?

I see Subaru still has both sides of rocker panels for the same era WRX in stock, can I use WRX rockers instead? Or are there substantial differences?


Track Monkey
WRX is different, but not worse.
Example (if I did my research correctly):
51449FE060 & 51449FE070 was for WRX
51449FE360 & 51449FE370 was for STI

So you can try to google those STI part numbers (double check them). If you cant find both, you can:
  • Buy WRX-style new
  • Go aftermarket for a visual "upgrade" (if you like the aftermarket styles).
  • You could try to find used OEM from someone who upgraded (either WRX or STI)