CEL - Sport Symbol / Cruise Control Flashing - 2016 WRX STI

Hey guys!

I am a new WRX STI owner; I purchased a 2016 WRX STI Sport Tech (limited) from a dealership two days ago.

This vehicle was someone's trade-in and needed a lot of work; they put an entirely new engine block on it and upgraded the clutch to an Exedy stage 2.

I have not been launching it or doing many pulls with it as I am new to this car and have researched, and that's how they have problems when you launch it too much.

Long story short, I was on a cruise last night, came home, let it idle for a few minutes, and then shut her off.

I started her up to work today, and the CEL is on.

The Sport Mode S and the Cruise Control symbol flash on my center display.

She idles fine, with no ticking or knocking sounds or anything, and it runs just fine, I can't put it in cruise control or change the drive mode, and the CEL is on. :(

I also notice my digital boost gauge fluctuating from 9.1 PSI and 8.9 PSI when idling, but the needle doesn't fluctuate.

Any help is VERY appreciated.