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When I added a ViS Racing carbon fiber hood to my 2016 WRX STI, the first thing I knew I'd need to do was build something to channel air properly from the intake to the intercooler. Well, after making it by with a hacked-up plastic shroud from my stock hood, it's time to make something a little more... robust.

It's too difficult to build something off the hood, as there's hardly anything for something like this to attach to underneath. I've taken a page out of Bucky Lasek's STI and started building a custom shroud that attaches to the intercooler itself.

A few more things to adjust, then it's gonna get ceramic coated and get a fitted rubber gasket around the edges to seal it up nicely. Pretty pleased with the progress and fitment so far.

Might even be able to reproduce these when we get all the measurements right. Not sure how it'll fit with other aftermarket hoods.

That looks great! Although the GD was a different beast, I'd thought about trying to do something similar for my larger intercooler but never even tried. What sorts of stock/tools are you using and approximate cost? I had no idea what I needed to do something like that, but always trying to learn.

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That's not the top! I see the road going up still.

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I never really got around to finding a decent way to mount my COBB V3. I mean, my car has been tuned for nearly 3 years now and it bothered me that any time I wanted to use it, it was never in a good spot. Picked up a mounting kit for the A-Pillar of my STI from ProClip USA and have been really happy with it. If you're in the same boat I was, read this quick review I made of this product.

Back in winter mode with a minor change. Got a great deal on Black Friday for a Grimmspeed Stealthbox. Install on it was a breeze, cleaned off the MAF sensor while I was at it, and Graham at Boosted Performance Tuning is helping with the tune adjustments via e-mail.

I also got this handy ProClip for my Cobb AP Tuner. It really has been a good solid mounting point that keeps the Cobb V3 within easy reach which has made datalogging for this recent round of tuning a breeze. Wrote a review about it on my blog if you'd like to read more on it>

The "Spinny Whoosh" sounds generated from the new intake have been fun and I can feel a little bit of a power improvement, but I really need to have more supporting mods for that. The plans to go E85 have been pushed back, but at least the intake is ready to go.

This season the Higgins Blue STI reeled in it's third consecutive championship in Class PA. It didn't do it without some help from my '06 Baja Turbo, which acted as a Substitute for two of the events this year. One of the events the STI was unable to participate due to a tire issue so I ran the Baja for fun... but still got some points. The other event was a mud pit so I opted for the Baja due to it's All-Terrain tires which excelled in the slick conditions and reeled in the class win and a 2nd Place overall. The STI fought tooth-and-nail through the other 5 events this year up against an increasingly talented field of competitors. As usual, the improvements in my driving need to happen to keep up the pace!

That's not the top! I see the road going up still.
"You're a phony. Hey! This guys a great big phony."

Haha suppose you're right, but the photos at the top weren't that great since there were a ton of cars in the parking lot. This was the best I could manage from the "top"... but technically the TOP is still a few stairways up. Haha
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On a quest of STi erudition!
10 month hiatus?! Welcome back! Where else have you traveled and driven to during all this time?!


On a quest of STi erudition!
[MENTION=5554]Reverend[/MENTION], any new updates on your ride? How much have you driven this year?
Sorry for the long wait. Here's the latest update on mine.

I've had these 503s on for a good part of the summer now. Absolutely loving these but I need to make a few adjustments to make them work.

Method 503 Rally
18x9.5 | 5x114.3mm | +40mm/6.90"
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires
275/35 ZR18

They're light, they're wide, and they have a super aggressive offset.

That last part may look fantastic in photos, but my stock 2016 STI suspension does have them rub slightly in the rear.

I'm going to need to either go to a different suspension setup or roll the rear fenders slightly to make it work right.

Not the end of the world, but just something I knew would be close when I ordered these.

Method 503 Rally - Matte Black

Overall very happy with these.

If you plan to run the 18x9.5 size, they are slightly too big without some kind of suspension change or rolled fender or both.

However, the 18x8 will be no problem.

I opted for the wider set knowing the potential issue of rubbing, but since my Method 501s are already the 18x8 size, I thought I'd take the plunge.

Go big or go home I suppose!

Method 503 Rally - Matte Black


On a quest of STi erudition!
Finally, an update! You've had us in suspense! :lol: The ride looks terrific as always. Have you had any new experiences in the past year?
Hahah yeah #DadLife has kept me busier than I expected. And COVID-19 has put a damper on a lot of plans I had this Spring and Summer. We did get to have Subaru Motorsports USA's Rally Car on display here for two weeks, so that was fun to put together for fans.

Next week there's more changes in store for this car. It's all part of my 2020 plans that I had originally meant to do earlier in the year, but I'll have it all wrapped up before my 5-year anniversary with this STI. Can't wait to share it all with you guys.