REVIEW: Michelin Pilot super sport


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decided to start a review of the tires i recently put on my 07 STi.

factory BBS wheels so tire size is 225/45/17 Michelin Pilot super sport.

I've had the tires on the car for a few thousand miles now and i really cant complain about anything. for a daily driven car that i still want to perform when needed these tires are perfect. drove to work this morning actually in the rain and not one issue even going through a giant puddle on the highway cruising at about 65-70 just went right through it. i haven't really been able to push the limits of the tires around turns in dry road conditions but for how hard i have driven the car they really hold the road. sidewalls seem to be pretty stiff i don't feel the tire wanting to roll over on itself going around tight corners. once i do some suspension upgrades i imagine this car will drive like its on rails.

as far as comfort and noise go for daily driving i don't hear a thing and all i feel is the road which is a big plus!

tread wear seems to be pretty good so far. i know these wont last me forever but its better than i expected

ratings: (my own opinion)

dry traction: 9/10
wet traction: 8/10
noise: 10/10
comfort: 9/10
tread wear: 7/10 (i know they will wear down quickly)
cornering: 9/10

overall this tire gave me exactly what i was expecting/looking for and i couldn't be happier. i would highly recommend this tire for anyone that daily drives their car but still likes to do some "spirited" driving (love that word)

i'm no review expert but i did work at a sears auto center and sold tires for about 4 years so any questions feel free to ask!

thanks for reading!


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Nice review. Thank you for sharing.