TSSFAB vs MSI rear end's


So a lot of you know I have had the chance to have both the TSSFAB and MSI rear frames and their solutions to the rear diff carrier (out rigger/t-brace) in my hands so I thought I would give a quick off the car comparison.

I started of with TSSFAB due to the bang for buck factor. When I had bought the complete rear end from Tim, I was one of only a hand full of people that were using his stuff but he offered a good warranty stating if anything broke due to competition use he would replace it 100% free of charge and I had to use this on his first gen rear endlinks which in turn I received the latest version and was much stronger. TSSFAB customer care is top notch Tim was always quick to reply to my emails and always gave me great deals on his stuff due to being one of the original users.

The rear frame- The rear frame came powered coated black and hard poly bushings for the diff(bearing were not an option when I ordered the frame), it deleted the diff mount, so there is less play between the diff and frame. When installing the mount it was a bit of a pain in the butt getting the diff in, but it had self centring solid bushing to allow you to easily line up the frame to the body. The frame came with a stock height and 1 inch drop correcting. The frame was a lot lighter then the stock one and a lot stronger then the stamped stock one. Now after using it, I found the powered coating wasn't really that good, it is still on there but I feel it wasn't thick enough or the surface was not prepared when it was put on, I replaced one of the bushings that held the diff in due to the bolt being sucked through the bushing, to prevent this from happening again I added a large washer.

The T-bar brace- The T-Bar came just like the rear frame powered coated in black and hard poly bushings for the out-rigger bushings. The install was a pain in the butt due to the bolt breaking off in the frame and having to get the old stock frame out as it was getting caught on the park brake lines. The brace was again a lot lighter then the stamped stock one and stronger. There isnt much else to say about this frame as it just holds the diff in place. The powder coating was also not the best but it's still on there, also my new exhaust was too close to it so I added some hi temp rubber on there to stop it rattling.

I have now moved on to using MSI parts for a few reasons. First one is because MSI parts are absolutely amazing everything from welds to the finish are top notch, anyone who has seen something from MSI will tell you this. Another reason is that MSI is a Canadian company and I like spending money within the country to support what we have. Third I was asked by Touge and MSI if I would switch, I was reluctant at first due to pricing , but that was sorted out and we started replacing parts. The customer service over at MSI was lacking a lot when I first started talking with them in regards to other parts but since then they have stepped up to the plate and are now easy to talk to and quick to respond, heck they even have live support during the week on their website. Parts made at MSI are always geared to a race/rally application so there is a lot of testing before he puts parts up for public sale.

The rear frame- The frame comes with MSI's custom 2 step powder coating which is put on all his parts, the control arms I received came with this coating and have lasted a summer and 1/2 a winter with no signs of wear or damage to the coating. This frame only comes with a 2" correcting built in and a billet diff mount with fluro stainless steel motorsport bearings that is detachable from the frame to allow for quick diff changes and ease of installation. During the installation it was necessary to cut some of the spare tire support and to massage the fuel tank.

The T-Brace delete- The parts come again coated in the custom 2 step powder coating. since it is designed to delete the whole out-rigger/ t-brace there will be a substantial weight savings here, plus allowing for a quick diff change if need be. Not much else to say about it.

So I will continue with the Lateral links and trailing arms.

The TSSFAB Adjustable Lateral Links were simple yet effective. They were just a tube with threaded holes at either end to allow the bearing ends to install and allow for adjustments. The install for these links were somewhat straight forward, due to there design you have to install the endlink mount on the knuckle (shown in pic 2) the first endlinks that came snapped, the mount and endlinks were replaced with the new much beefier version free of charge. The Links them selves worked flawlessly only issue and I said it about the frame and t-brace is that the power coating did not last.

The TSSFAB Adjustable Trailing Arms. I used this to pull the wheel in 10mm's as it was stated by TIC a few years back that it would help rotate the car so I said why not try it out, Once set I did not adjust them from there as there was no need. They had provisions to mount the ABS sensor wire and fitment was great. I have to say again only real issue was the powder coating coming off like all the TSSFAB parts I have had so far.

images copied from the web page since I could not find any of them by them selves.

endlink1 by Funk32, on Flickr

The MSI Adjustable Lateral Links. I do have to say these are well thought out and well built. The Install was straight forward, a little harder since these were bushing type thus having less room to move around. The endlink mount is adjustable allowing you to move it about 1 inch so you can keep the mount points in line if you need a lot of camber. These are made with billet aluminium so no need to worry about rust thus no need to have the powder coating plus billet aluminium looks super nice when finished off. I was worried when I first seen the design that they adjustment bolt/screw(whatever you want to call it) was not going to be as strong but having it in my had it's a lot thicker then the first pics I seen of them.

The MSI Training Arms with 2" Correction. These are extremely simple, non adjustable with a bearing. Install was super straight forward and easy, they have provisions for the ABS sensor wire. The arm was finished off with a 2 step epoxy powder coat finish which is standard on all MSI parts that req protection from the elements.

P5280336 by Funk32, on Flickr

Conclusion - Both manufacturers make good products. TSSFAB being the more affordable parts and has made a big name for them selves on Nasioc and a few other forums. MSI is a big name in rally racing around the world and is starting to branch out to other platforms, they have perfected their final products which always looks amazing and fit great. Most people would be happy with both of these products just depends on what you are looking for and budget. Also Ill add that as a Total the MSI parts were lighter.

Finally the pricing break down
Rear frame $740.00
T-Brace $435.00
Trailing arm $340.00
Lateral links $530.00
Total $2045.00 USD

MSI (converted to USD)
Rear frame $1776
Trailing arm $448
Later links $706
Total $2930

Not a massive difference but it can make or break some people.