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  • Hi George,
    I have a 2002 WRX wagon with a new EJ205. The car has a few simple mods including AP V3/EBCS. Completing the engine break-in process (@ 125 miles & counting). Running OTS Stage2+EBCS 91 v310 map and using 92 non-ethanol. I need the special wire harness that ties the AEM wideband AFR to the TGV connector & special ROM file. How do I procure this harness & ROM file? Looking at e-tune @ 1000mi.
    My name is Bobby Bettinger. I recently just had my ignition system shorted out and had to get that all replaced along with the stock ECU. I was tuned with a piggyback UTEC so i lossed the information on my stock ECU. Right now the car will not rev passed 2000rpms and is throwing codes do to the TGV's. I want to know if you would be willing to travel to Campbell NY to tune my car on the stock ecu and what all would be needed. I don't have a rear o2 sensor so if you need that i'll have my dad put one in. I'm out on a detachment on my Carrier the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower so its hard to communicate. Just email at robert.bettinger@cvw7.navy.mil Tell me what needs to happen etc. I'll give you my parents phone number as well so you can contact them.
    would you be able to tune my car im located in corling newyork you can reach me at robert.bettinger@cvw7.navy.mil
    Thanks pal for the donation again! We are fighting back and getting back on track! If I didn't have people like you who helped me I could never do this. Thanks again and let keep on moving forward again! God bless. :)
    Hey I was talkin with some guys about the meet down in NC sept. 30th and they told me to contact you about caravaning down. I live in upstate NY, specifically Watertown NY. Its an hour north of Syracuse. Where abouts do you live and, of course, are you even going?
    Holy, thanks once again for the donation! It was really nice and means a lot to us to have your support! Thanks from all of us @IGOTASTi!
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