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  • Eric, we wanted to let you know that your membership didn't renew.

    If we can help you in the future, please let us know.

    Thank you,
    Eric welcome to your 9th year here at igotasti.com. :drinking:

    We truly appreciate your support over all these years.

    God bless friend,
    Eric we hope life is treating you well friend.

    Thanks again for another year of support!

    Happy 8th Birthday!! :hbday:

    God bless,
    Eric, once again brother we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for another year of support!

    7 years and counting... :rockon:
    Eric, thanks again brother for 6 years of support! God bless you and your family friend! :bow:
    Eric, wow it's been 5 years already!!! Thank you for all the years of supporting us. :rockon:
    I saw that, and :ty: Your account clears Sept 6, 2012 through Paypal. Please pm me your t-shirt size and full shipping address. Thanks pal.
    Hello & welcome to the team! If you need anything at any time please feel free to ask me. Thanks again for joining and have a great day.
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