Boosted monSTIr 35psi pull with the Super99

    Look at that STi go! Very nice numbers. :tup:
  2. Robert Viehweger

    Michael Adkins (MTuned) and VSR are amazing!

    Let me start with this.. :) My car developed an air leak from the turbo inlet not staying seated on the turbo. Gino was in Florida at the time and was able to get me a safe map for sub boost levels until I could get it fixed. Scott replaced the turbo inlet, had me go one step colder NGK...
  3. L

    Speed Density vs MAF

    Alright so I've been reading about speed density tuning vs MAF tuning. I have a couple questions... When would one want to utilize MAF or speed density? Is there a certain point where one or the other becomes obsolete? What are the pros and cons of each?
  4. HolyCrapItsFast

    E-Tuning Service for Paying Members

    *This Service is available for Open Source Tuning ONLY until further notice* If you are purchasing a membership for the purposes of our complimentary E-Tuning service then please read and fully understand the following. This is a very technical and time-consuming process and if you are not up...
  5. Td_d

    TD_D mod journey. From stock to the 'bastardmobile'

    I bought a silver GR in late 2009, instantly fell in love with it, and within 400km had a pro-tune done. Stock was 167wkw, post tune, 191wkw. After this brief encounter with modding, I really started getting itchy to get some serious power out of the car, but I was hesitant initially, given I...
  6. HolyCrapItsFast

    Newbies Guide to Logging

    In this guide we will discuss the in's and out's of logging, Why it is a good idea to log, how and what to log, how to interpret them and how to post your logs so others can view them. It is important to share your logs with others in the community. They may be able to pick things out of your...