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Hi All,
I am looking to upgrade the speakers and fit a sub, I have looked at the kit SOA made in conjunction with Kicker. The problem I have is the front speaker when I tried to order the kit from Subaru online it was telling me they were not compatible ? does anyone know if this correct

Vehicle- 2020 Subaru WRX STi
Current system- stock no HK or Sat Nav
Music Choice- classic rock, country, brit pop
Music Style- medium to load
Installer- me
Installer experience- A lot fitted systems in many cars
Budget- $800
Future Goals- this will be it, I have no intentions of upgrading later.
Reference- System has to fit in original positions, with no wire cutting ( car is a lease )

Thanks in advance


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I don't know who the audio guys are. I'm hoping they can pinpoint you in the right direction, though! :tup:


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Sorry to say, I'm sure you know more about car audio than I do.

This guy hasn't been on the forum in years, but let's see if I can get him to respond. [MENTION=5041]FilthyMonkey187[/MENTION]
I used to work with him and he knows audio.


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Hello all! Thanks for the mention [MENTION=662]Batmobile_Engage[/MENTION]!

Hopefully the following information will get ya where you need to be. Keep in mind, this is for a 2019, but Subaru didn?t change anything in the door design between 2019 and 2020. says the following for fitment:
Front Speakers: 6.5?
Front Speaker Depth: 3.25?

you should be able to find what you need in those sizes. Hell, you may even want to look at mid-bass drivers if you listen to rock! They?ll really pick up the double bass if that?s what you?re into! Lol!

check out the site for yourself as they have a wide array of brands to choose from!!

good luck with your search!
[MENTION=5041]FilthyMonkey187[/MENTION] thanks for the information on worldwide stereo I will give them a call :ty:
Ok so just tried to fit the kicker sub, it?s not happening ! The wiring connector in the back of the head unit is completely different to the one on the sub loom is back to the drawing board !

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