Upgraded from 2017 WRX to 2020 STI


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Hey STI gang - hello from Toronto! I traded in my 2017 WRX for a 2020 STI with wing delete at the beginning of the year and wow am I a happy man! Cars look basically the same apart from badging and callipers, but underneath the skin the difference is striking. I loved my WRX and I will miss her, but the STI is a better car in every conceivable way.

I just got through the 1600 km break in period and here's my first impressions: the power difference is really noticeable - the STI pulls like f*ck at will, whereas the WRX needed to be in the right rev range to get going and was really all or nothing waiting for the boost to kick in.

The STI transmission and drive train is so much more precise and smooth - I have the stock shifter on both the STI and the WRX - shifting in the WRX was really notchy and loose while the STI shifts are smooth and precise as a scalpel through butter. The STI gear ratio is more suitable to my driving style, however I find myself running at a lower gear and between 500 to 1000 RPM higher in the STI .For whatever reason it just feels right to be at 2500 to 3500 rpm, where the WRX felt "right" at 2000 to 2500.

I was expecting lots of turbo lag, but the STI power delivery feels more linear than the WRX, and does not top out at 4k RPM like the WRX does. It just keeps pulling (I haven't gotten close to redline yet - was a good boy and stayed under 4k for the break-in). But now that I'm through the break-in period I've got her up to 5500 and she pulls like a champ all the way up to that point without a drop off in power or torque. The STI loves to drink gas, but I'm ok with paying the extra gas $ for this kind of fun :)

There is very little rev hang on the STI as compared to the WRX. I kind of got used to the WRX rev hang as a lazy way to start off in first gear - just blip the throttle a bit and the revs would stay in the right range for a few seconds which allowed me to time the clutch release as the revs dropped to get a smooth start. But with the STI this approach doesn't work - you need to be more precise with the gas pedal and it took a few tries to get it right but now I like the more "direct" connection between throttle and clutch to get a smooth start from a dead stop without the throttle blip "cheat".

Ride is much better in the STI. I heard that the STI had a punishing ride but I find the STI's ride to be more refined than the WRX. The WRX suspension was more bouncy where the STI seems to be good and stiff on smooth roads but also more compliant and better damped over bumps so its not bouncy. The STI is by no means harsh and bone-crushing like some reviewers have posted on the interwebs.

Even the fit and finish of the STI is better - closing the door gives a more solid "thud" than the WRX which had a more tinny sound to it. Interior noise level is lower in the 2020 model.

Steering on the STI is a bit more connected - the WRX had a really great pointless to it, but the STI's steering response is better.

What else? the 2020 HK Audio system has improved from 2017. Bluetooth phone call audio sounds much better in the STI, and I don't have to yell into the mic to be heard like I had to in the WRX. The head unit UX has improved too, and now includes apple car play which is great for me because I'm a big fan of Waze. The recaro seats that come in the STI sport tech package feel much better than the seats in the WRX. No back pain at all with the new seats.

Before the WRX i had a BMW 328 xi and a BMW 335i cabriolet. Both were awesome cars but they don't come close to the joy of driving I have gotten from the WRX and now the STI. My ex had a Porsche Cayman that I drove a lot, and that's a great car too, but again it didn't deliver the sheer enjoyment that the WRX and STI do.

Ok so enough rambling. I freaking love my STI!


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First and foremost, welcome to IGOTASTI!!! You're going to absolutely love it here!! Post some pictures of the ride!!

What made you decide to switch from the WRX to the STi in the first place?

I love the comparative review, so thanks for giving us one! :tup:

I recently read that the WRX for the 2020 model year has been alleviated of the rev hang issue. It's definitely something that sounds like it would bother me personally.

Since you have a 2019+ STi model year, you benefit from the upgraded engine and transmission, that was borrowed from the 2018 Type RA! We have information regarding the changes here:

What other cars have you had in the past aside from the BMW's listed? Do you have any pictures of them?