Best Little Machine Shops in Michigan


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After my car was down for a while with 5 speeditis, I finally did my 6 speed swap last summer. I had some nice upgrades to go with it. Then in November, I was driving on the freeway when suddenly my car started vibrating like crazy and a horrible misfire. I later found no compression in 3, and leak down was going through the exhaust. When I finally had time to tear the engine down last month I confirmed that cyl 3 had a burnt exhaust valve, but cyl 1 also has some physical damage to the Piston, cylinder wall, and head. Last week, I finally got the block apart and my crank has some ridges. So, I'm planning a full bottom up rebuild. Need to k ow of there are any machine shops in MI (metro Detroit preferred) that are good with our engines, and can do a line bore and pinned mains.

Let me know who you got.


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Not sure how I feel about Boost Controlled Performance, but you could talk to them.
[MENTION=3416]WRB_STi[/MENTION] would have a few ideas I'm sure.

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The machine shop I currently use is Koffels Place in Commerce. They are currently doing a Nissan VQ engine for me now. I dont think BCP in Livonia does machine work themselves. They send that out. You need to find out if your block is still usable with the damage to Cyl 1. Are you looking to fully build the bottom end?

Depending on what you need to do and if your block is usable, IAG is probably the best place to send the block halves to. They live and breathe EJs. Also, unless you are running tons of boost and torque, pinning would be an overkill for anything under 600tq. But IAG also does this for around $350.