Nameless 3.5" Muffler Delete Axleback


My muffler delete setup came installed with my car when I bought it but I just wanted to throw up a quick review for anyone interested in a similar exhaust for their 15+.

  • Cold start is loud, I roll the car out of the garage each morning and close the door before starting it up just encase it would wake up my son, he's up early enough as it is.
  • Once the idle comes down it is at what I would call V8 idle sound. You can tell the exhaust is modified but it is not loud.
  • Normal driving has zero drone and while somewhat loud inside the car is not a problem at all.
  • Aggressive driving, hard accel sounds amazing. No pops or other silly stuff, just straight UEL boxer rumble.
  • While I have not heard the setup with a different downpipe, full CBE, etc. It would be significantly louder if there were other mods. To the point that it would be too loud for me for sure.

I will be sure to post up a few high quality video clips when I get the time.