New - Zinc coated slotted rear rotors for 05-07 sti


Hey guys I wanted to pass along a deal to you if anyone can use a set of rear rotors for their 05-07 STi.

Through a mix up from the company I ordered my rotors from, I ended up with an extra set of rear rotors for an 05-07 STi that I was told to just sell. They are worth about $150, I?m going to ask for $80 with shipping (it will be expensive). Or I?ll do $50 if you can pick them up. PM me if you are in a tight financial spot and I can work with you further. They are brand new.



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I can help you in the shipping department. As long as they're under 70 lb, which I'm certain they are, you can use a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flate Rate Box (the second version that's wide and flat, not the first) and ship for ~$14.