Randomly wont start


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I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what is going on with her. I only drive her maybe once a week or so since I work from home now. She is a 2019 STI with a Cobb tuner, short throw with stage 2 bushings, axle back exhaust, cold air intake and some misc non performance things like aluminum belly pan, etc. About a month ago, she would not start. We were able to roll start her and had the battery checked. It was bad at 37,000K so I bought a new one. She was running fine. Then a couple weeks ago she wouldn't start again. This time we couldn't roll start her so we jumped her. Thought that maybe the subs were draining power so we disconnected them even though we have always ran the subs directly hooked to the battery. She ran fine for a couple weeks. Then yesterday she wouldn't start again so we jumped her. She started right up today, but I don't know why this keeps happening.