REVIEW: Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport


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(mounted on Rota Grid 17x8 wheels)

I just bought these at Discount Tire (locally, here in Canton, MI)
for my new summer set. I like them quite a bit so far, but I've only
put about 40 miles on them as of now so I will update this thread

First off, they do make a little bit of noise on the road, which is to
be expected especially with a performance tire. Personally, I'm surprised
they are not louder. I'm sure that road noise is all relative to what each
person considers loud, but I'm happy in that department right now.

It's been cold and shitty here lately, so I haven't had a great opportunity
to warm the rubber up and get into some hard cornering. From what I
can tell already though, it seems like the semi-slick shoulder and stiff
sidewall holds turns firmly with just enough feedback that it's no surprise
when you finally do lose traction. One thing that bothers me about some
tires is not being able to tell when they're about to lose it. Like I said,
I have very few miles on them at this point, but so far these tires seem
very predictable.

I'd say about half of the miles I have on these tires already were driven
in the rain, between 35-50 degrees. I haven't had a single slipping incident
yet, and if I would have been justified in my book. As many of you
probably know, it can take up to 500 miles to burn the mold lube out of
new tires. The lube I'm talking about is the substance that is added to a
tire mold before rubber goes in. This allows the tire to be cleanly pulled
out of the mold without sticking. Kind of like non-stick cooking
This gets impregnated into the first 1/32" or so of rubber. The tires don't
hold traction as well, especially in wet conditions, until the first couple 1/32"
layers of tire are worn. That being said, I still didn't have any wet slipping
issues this weekend.

My first impression of these tires meets or exceeds my expectations...

More on these later as the weather gets better and especially after a track day or two!


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I'm really liking these tires! Cornering is awesome! Only time will tell how much treadwear I will get out of them.


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I think it's safe to say that in the last month, I've experienced more heavy, apocalyptic rain storms than I've seen in years.
Yesterday was absolutely ridiculous, cars were lining the shoulders of the interstate and under all the overpasses.....
.....and I was still going about 55-60 mph :D

No hydroplaning, no slippage around turns, I'm very impressed with these tires.


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Give us an update! :lol: