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    Prodrive rims

    I apologize but I do not handle these. If there is anything else we can help you with though please feel free to let me know.
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    Oil Pressure Gauge

    We have installed several oil filter sandwich adapters and have not had leak issues. Quality products not ebay specials and making sure to get the sandwich lined up properly to so the seal is not pinched or rolled out breaking the seal is a big thing on these. We have seen and used both...
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    Oil Pressure Gauge

    The easiest way for installation of these to have proper access would be to use an oil filter sandwich. That will give you ports to hook your gauge into. If you are using an electronic gauge you would just thread your sensor into one of the ports and run your wiring. If mechanical attach your...
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    Compressed Air Dent Removal

    I honestly didnt time it, I kept checking with a quick tap and feel with my hand when I thought it felt hot I used the air. It took two attempts to pop the dent.
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    Compressed Air Dent Removal

    about the size of a softball, was not creased though which was great!
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    Compressed Air Dent Removal

    I actually just tried this on a dent and it worked..I am curious as to how extreme this will get.
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    New to the igota

    Welcome to the group! Can't wait to see the pictures of the car and set-up.. Enjoy your time on the forums I am sure you will be pleased with the people on here :)
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    Misfires, symptoms, and false codes. V2, now with Seafoam!

    Bad injector can be causing this as well.
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    Gurney Flap (wicker bill)

    Sorry this is not something I have access too. I hope one of the other vendors ar able to help.
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    New Subie girl!

    Yes, This will be a great time as well! Here is the link for the show. Be great to have you down!!/~/category/id=6739555&offset=0&sort=normal
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    *CANCELED* The Official I.G.O.T.A. Meet 2014 *August 15th - August 16th*

    Hey everyone wanted to get this back up in circulation! This is only a month and a half away and is going to be a great event! We have many new members on here and wanted to make sure they knew about this going on and remind everyone else of it as well. Get your tickets while they are...
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    We have used different oils in customer cars depending on application and requests, however when it comes to oil recommendations we stick with the Main 4 (Amsoil, Brad Penn, Motul, and Redline). Great thing about Amsoil is you do not need to buy the Dominator Oil which is crazy expensive you...
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    New Subie girl!

    Welcome to the group, and you have one nice STI...I love the blue!!
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    New to the forums. I just got an 2015 STi

    Welcome to the group! I am not a fan of Red cars but DAMN that looks good :)
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    new girl

    Welcome to the group Anna! Nice STi!