Well I've finally decided to post up a build thread since I am finally trying to get my car on the road again. We can say I've owned my car parked more year then I have owned it when it ran.

Its nothing special but still my favorite year of STI and I feel that the body lines will still be stylish in the years to come.


This is the current money pit list.

Short Block
Built with K1 rods and wiseco 100mm pistons built and balanced by maxwell performance.

Stock 2005 sti heads Pocket Ported and assembled with new cam buckets, GSC intake and exhaust valves, BC single spring steel retainers by Headgames Motorworks

Ported FP Green HTZ

Intake System
Cobb short ram intake with a Killer B turbo inlet, perrin FMIC, ported stock throttle body, Ported NA short runner intake manifold with KSTech 19mm aluminum spacers between the IAG TGV housings.

Fuel System
IAG fuel rails, injector dynamics 1000 cc top feed injectors and a walbro 450 fuel pump.

XS ignition amp

Exhaust System
Inferno Fabrications equal length header, perrin up pipe, mad dad V2 catted down pipe with a perrin dual tube cat back going to a single outlet muffler.

Getadomtune lite enough crank pulley, grim Speed electronic boost controller, 2006+ sti oil pan for improved equal length header clearance, tomei type oil baffle and a tigwerks oil pick up.

Whiteline ALK, RCE regular guy black springs, Racecomp camber plates, Perrin rear end links, swaybar and mounts.

Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber drive shaft, kartboy short shifter, act streetlight flywheel, act heavy duty pressure plate and clutch

TSS Fab tubular front subframe and trans X brace, Cusco h brace, beatrush differential brace.

Cusco engine and trans mount, kartboy outrigger bushings, torque solutions differential bushings, Kartboy diff lockdown, whiteline steering rack bushings, combination of torque solutions and kartboy shifter linkage bushings.

AEM boost and AFR gauges.

Weight Reduction
Oswald lightweight rear bumper beam, stock U brace is removed, windshield wiper fluid reservoir removed since stock sti tmic sprayer reservoir is being used as wiper reservoir, internals of sti hood scoop removed, shaved the na manifold and water coolant manifold.
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Well I found this today as well which could explain a bit of my lost power. The dealership replaced the turbo about 5k miles ago and obviously did a shotty job on it.

Luckily I have a perrin turbo inlet I was already planning on putting on.



At least im making progression even though the crank shaft pulley bolt put up one hell of a fight (should have broke it loose while it was attached to the tranny) and then the camshaft gears put up a good fight since I didn't have the special cam gear tools.




So what do you guys think was going on with my motor?

The oil consumption was the main reason why I started the rebuild (take note its been parked for a couple of years).


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first thing i would check is the ring lands on the pistons, oil consumption and the smoke are the biggest of the symptoms related to ring failure!

Ok both heads are off and both look the same and are Bad/Good News.

It looks like I should have done a leak down test since I would say my block looks perfectly fine and all the cylinders look great still with a good cross hatch home in them so I will be rebuilding this block with forged internals for my mid engine corvair project in the years to come.

New forged internal block is on engine stand and I will start the build of the block and hit a stopping after water pump, oil pump, pick up tube and oil pan since I will be saving up to get a good valve job done on the heads that I will send off after I get done doing some mild porting & port matching.
I will say im impressed with tigwerks fab oil pick up if you guys dont know about him hes worth looking in to since his welds and products are very well done.






Sorry for the poor photos but its rather hard to take good photos of a pick up tube lol.
So I'll finally update the slow progress of my build.

The heads will be shipped off to headgames motorworks for their valve job and pocket port service.
They will be reassembled with new bronze valve, springs and retainers. I opted for single springs and steel retainers since I won't be upgrading cams and don't want to have to worry about replacing titanium retainers in the future.

The build will also be converted from side feed to top feed injectors since I'm purchasing 02 wrx top feed tgv rails and FPR from [MENTION=4986]SudoSTI[/MENTION] that will then be topped off with ID1000's.

I figure this should make for a fun and reliable daily driver while prepping the build for the larger turbo when ever I upgrade the turbo.

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The heads are packaged and ready to be shipped out tomorrow for Dave at headgames to work his pocket port and valve job magic on.


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If I didn't pay so much for this car in 06 and invest in aftermarket parts I'd probably sale it since it seems like it's one issue after another.

So today's good news from the shop that's rebuilding my heads is that the heads are in good shape but the bad news is the cam buckets are garbage and I have to drop pretty much another $400 in to cam buckets on top of my valve job and porting that I'm already having done.

All I have to say is this car better treat me well after it's rebuild is done because if something goes wrong I'll probably go postal on it.
OK my rant is done and hopefully in less then a month I'll have my heads back and will get this money pit back on the road after way too many years of it not being drivable.

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The heads are getting closer to completion.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. (Bruce Lee)
So I finally got the heads bolted up to the block and hopefully I should start assembling the motor pretty quickly now.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. (Bruce Lee)