225/45/R17 Dunlop SP Winter Sport tire set

I have a 2007 STI and just moved to Florida, so I no longer need these excellent winter sport tires. Specifically they are 225/45/R17 Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D tires. I removed them last year and they've got a lot of miles left on them with even wear and sidewalls in excellent condition.

You can see pictures of them here including a 'penny test' tread-depth photo:
These are located in Frankfort, KY. Buyer pays shipping or you can come pick them up. Message me here. I'm asking $125 for the set 'cause I gotta get 'em out of the Kentucky garage. :)Thanks!


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Damn that's cheap! Those will be gone in no time!


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Thanks! Glad you all agree. I've got to get the house moved and it's all happened in a hurry, so my goal here is to give another enthusiast a good set of tires, but get 'em out of the house at the same time. I'd much rather know someone's using them then get stuck in a pinch trying to dispose of them--it would be such a waste!