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Billetworkz: Lancaster, PA

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing a custom shift knob and accessories shop. Austin, the owner, seems like a very nice guy that is allowing me to come over to the shop and test fit several options in my car and take some pictures at his facility. I stumbled across his company when looking for a new shift knob. Once I found out they were local I reached out and had a very nice conversation with him.

I have invited him to check out our forum, so hopefully he will drop in.

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Much more info and pics to come. O and by the way this is Austin?s personal 2012 WRX...yeah that is an RB 26 :-o



4/12/2019 UPDATE

Got out to see Austin at his shop today. Great experience! We talked for about an hour as he showed me his setup and some of the family cars.

The Shop:
Modest place in a nice area of Lancaster. Austin rents a room within the larger shop for his operations. A lot of the equipment used to make his custom shift knobs and other accessories are inside this room. In another section of the shop there are several powder coating guns as he has begun doing that operation in house.

DSC00595_edited (small).jpgDSC00557_edited2 (small).jpgDSC00558_edited (small).jpg

...this was also in the shop
DSC00579_edited b&w (small).jpg:drool::drool::drool::drool:

Shift knobs galore! Pictures will be added to this section as soon as I can. Pictures online do not do them justice. I had a hard time sticking with the classic white that I went there intending to buy. For a small business I was impressed by the amount of inventory Austin had and all of the different shapes and color designs.
DSC00548_edited (small).jpgDSC00550_edited (small).jpgDSC00571_edited color altered (small).jpg

Personal Testing:
I test fit several options including the sphere, lightbulb, and teardrop shapes in white, red, and titanium. I liked the lightbulb the best and bought the white Japanese numbers version. Austin installed it in the car for me and made sure everything was exactly the way I wanted it. Immediately I loved the extra weight and feel on the drive home. I am sure this is something I would like with any weighted knob, the difference for me is in the fit and finish of what Billetworkz provides.


Forum Discount Code:
Austin said he would like to offer up a discount code to the forum. "igotasti15" will be good for a couple weeks. After that time period you can send me a message if you are interested in buying something from his site and I will try to help you out :tup:


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Looks like I am planning to go this Friday over an extended lunch break. They are calling for rain in the afternoon, so hopefully it holds off until my drive back to work so I can take my time and get some good pics. Austin will have a vendor table at Boxerfest as well, so I can likely get additional product photos there for anyone interested.


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Austin is a great guy, down to earth and approachable. I live in Harrisburg, Pa which is about 40 mins from Lancaster so I usually see him at most of the local shows. I believe he also has custom hats in production.

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Yeah I'm heading over to see him this morning. He has a few hats left I believe.

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Initial post has been updated. Check out the new pictures from today! Look for the promo code soon :D