Ford Rs Turbo anyone?


been to a local monthly meet the other night and this turned up...

Ford Rs Turbo.. 1991, 1.6i 133bhp (when new) don't see many now being 20yrs old.. in the day they were the hot hatch to steal and joy ride.. then got trashed and loads were torched (set on fire by the criminal)

Lovely it was.. low mileage too :)

Escort RS Turbo-3 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Escort RS Turbo-11 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Escort RS Turbo-12 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Escort RS Turbo-15 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Escort RS Turbo-14 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Escort RS Turbo-9 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Escort RS Turbo-7 by salsa-king, on Flickr

Don't see many about, the lad how has it doesn't use it very much but has had it for the last 5 years.


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Wow! That is a beautiful car. To bad Ford will never bring us the hot turbo charged fords to the states.... I would have purchased an all wheel drive turbo ford over my STI any day....


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Wow. Pure sexy right there.


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United States suck.. :(

That thing is sexy! :tup:


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That thing looks great!

Why would someone burn those things, except out of jealousy?!


they were easy to steal and start.. they'd use them as get away cars or just use them to JoyRide and start a police chase. Back in the day, police over here had hi performace cars like the Ford XR4i, then the Sierra Cosworth's. Lotus Carton's.. then in teh mid/late 90's moved onto Scoobies.. then like now Evo's, the VRs Skoda's (not sure you have those where you are, they're now VW owned) also big BMW's. Google them to see what I mean.

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Saw one of those at one of the local tuning shops a little while back. It was getting set up for full race. Bad ass little car for sure!