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What's your stance on pneumatic vs. battery impacts?

So far, I've gotten away with just manual tools.

I've got a few bolts that need to come out in a timely fashion and wife-approval for an upgrade (!!!!).

I don't love the idea of pneumatic just because it's more crap to keep around the garage in that I need a compressor, hoses, AND the actual impact.

Plus maintenance on the compressor?

Instead, I was thinking of picking up this guy for around $100 after returning the battery:

(I already have Dewalt tools, batteries, chargers for stuff around the house) Am I setting myself up for failure?

Talk me into pneumatic?
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I've got many DeWalt XR 20V battery-powered tools, and I've been thrilled with them.

I've got a leaf blower, chainsaw, drill, and impact wrench.

All of them are great, including the impact wrench.

The 5 and 6 Amp-Hour batteries are worth their weight in gold.

They've all got my seal of approval.

Too much screwing around with an air compressor, fittings, etc.


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I ended up not needing the impact, but think I'm going to pick it up anyways (HD still has my store-pickup order ready-to-go).

On a related note, the bolt in question is re-torqued at ~145 ft-lbs + 180 degrees. What a mother!


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Well HD ended up cancelling my order a day early so I never got to pick it up. At the rate that electric motors are progressing, I'm thinking I'll end up with a battery powered one in the not-too-distant future the NEXT time one becomes necessary. Just so much hassle with a compressor, lines, oiling, etc... At least for a hobbyist instead of a proshop