I have been using these control arms for over a year now and wanted to give a good review of them.

Past control arms were the cast aluminium 04 STi control arms. There is nothing major wrong with the stock arms and such is why many still use them at most levels of racing. That being said these are not for everyone but if you are serious about racing these will help give you the extra edge.

The MSI control arms came well packaged and have an amazing finish to them, this is due to them being bead blasted, then coated with a high grade flexible epoxy primer.

P3210118 by Funk32, on Flickr
P3220120 by Funk32, on Flickr
P3220121 by Funk32, on Flickr

My Impression, because they added caster it made turning feel crisper and felt more connected to the track, they are extremely well built and the bearing have near no play.

Installation was pretty straight forward, the spacers were a extremely tight fit so it took some extra effort to get everything aligned, I had the whiteline ALK installed at the time and I had no issues with it. MSI recommends the use of the their solid rear mounts (motorsport version of there DSS kit). I have installed a TSSFAB front frame, due to the larger shape of the MSI mounting point it will no allow me to align it to the 1"drop correction hole, Ill figure this out later.

These currently run $1795Cdn

Pics mounted
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