MY07 Forester CrossSports SG5 (JDM) now in the UK.


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after 4 years of ownership the SF5 2002 Forester Sport went to is new home a week last Friday.. with 64550 miles on it. One happy new owner.

The replacement I got the week before.. a JDM, Forester CrossSport 2007 SG5 (fresh import last November) 55k miles
Doing a few bits to sort it out, nothing major.. sprayed the alloys, a few touch up on lower front bumper scratches, new H&S Zorst (centre & back box). Waxoyl and Pedders kit going on as I felt it went over bumps weird... a shock is on it's way out. Other than that it's all good after being checked over.

Out with the old...

In with the newer..

Working my way around it for detailing it, seats were bad so I aqua vac'd those.
engine bay coming on nice, body work needs a good clay bar and DA, which I'll do as and when.

Thanks for looking


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Congrats on the upgrade! You should tell the new owner to join us here on IGOTASTI! :tup:

Is it a big difference between the two models? Looks like you went from NA to FI. Does it have a manual or an automatic transmission? Does the JDM car have anything different that the EUDM doesn't?


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JDM is a better spec compared to the equivalent UK model.

It's the model after the one I had.

Nicer seats on the JDM, also 2.0ltr where as the UK cars of that year were are 2.5

the exhaust is awesome that I've had fitted