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Hi everyone. Just decided to join the community, I've been looking different posts on here and always seen good information and nice cars. I have a 2008 STi with some mods. I was stationed in NC, recently got out of the military and now I work for the railroad in WY.


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Any mods?


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MAP Stage 2 built block
MAP Stage 1 Heads
CP Pistons 9.8:1 compression
Manley Rods
GSC S1 Cams
DW 750cc injectors
Okada projects plasma direct coil packs
DW 65c fuel pump
Blouch turbo 18G-XT-R
Omni power 4 bar map sensor
Hallman manual boost control
Aem cold air intake
Perrin turbo inlet
Invidia exhaust & downpipe
Aeromotive top feed high flow fuel rail system
Process west TMIC


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Nice list.

You ever get it on the dyno yet?


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Welcome to IGOTASTI!!!!


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Damn, WY is gonna get realllll cold compared to NC in the winter months! But welcome! And a MAP block? Good ol Modern Automotive Performance! Dan is the man up there! And can't forget about their boost for boobies program. That MAP block should provide many a years of trouble free and worry free performance with any turbo choice you make.

You'll find as I did, that this is the #1 place to be, friendly, informative, and hardly any of the drama that you'll find on the other sites, not naming them :roll:.