Sound generator delete & silencer delete


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Well first off on Friday I installed the Perrin pitch stop. Driving the car around town is a lot more comfortable now. Getting out of first to second is much smoother and you don't get that jerky type of movement when shifting through the gears. I also notice a lot more power getting to the ground in second gear. Before it wasn't until 3rd gear where I felt the car really start to pull away. Install was very easy. All the how-to videos out there on youtube were very helpful. One thing they don't mention in the instructions or in the videos is that there is a part of the wire harness is clamped under the stock pitch stop not leaving enough room for the larger Perrin one. So I just removed the clamp and zip tied it lower to make room for the Perrin one. So any 15' owners looking to mod definitely add this piece to your list.

Ok, so on to why I started this thread. While installing the pitch stop I had to remove the intercooler. In order to do that I had to move the sound generator thingy that goes into the firewall to access the bolt on the intercooler. I'm really starting to hate that thing. It just doesn't make any sense to me why they would add that piece. Do any of you see any harm in removing the sound generator and switching out the intake tube from the 14' STI? I feel like I already know the answer but just gotta throw it out here for opinions or suggestions. Also, while I'm considering of removing that piece is there any harm in removing the silencer milk jug looking bottle as well? And for my last question, a very noob question, how much more air would be coming in while removing these two pieces? Probably not enough for a tune right? Wait, that's two more questions. LOL

Thanks guys for reading and any input in advance!