Whiteline Lowering Springs 2015 STi


Whiteline 2015 STi Lowering Springs

Description Taken From Whiteline Website:
Whiteline Springs deliver improved vehicle performance whilst maintaining safety and ride quality characteristics. This kit contains 6.1kg/mm (329lb/in) front rated springs that provide a 15mm drop while the 5.8kg/mm (325lb/in) rears deliver a desirable 15mm to the rear of the vehicle. By lowering the vehicles centre of gravity, the unique and progressive rate coil design not only improve performance but enhance overall appearance. Developed and manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials, coating and to the finest tolerances guaranteeing exact fitment. Whiteline Springs are engineered for optimal balance with OEM and aftermarket shocks. For total grip activation match with Whiteline Sway Bar and Essentials kit for unrivalled handling and optimal vehicle performance.
*Lifetime Warranty*

Initial Thoughts
The springs look very nice out of the box. The finish is not super durable as I scratched them up anywhere I used a spring compressor. They were easy to install and seem to be as advertised in terms of drop height and spring rate.

First Drive:
After installing my buddy and I went for a really short drive on a rough road and went over a few bridge transitions. The ride did not feel much if any stiffer, suspension travel felt good, and minor imperfections seemed to be soaked up better resulting in less of the stock Jello like feeling that the stock suspension always seems to have.

**I will be reporting back after a few weeks to see how the car has settled and how the springs handle other driving situations.**

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4/16/19 UPDATE

The more I drive on these the more I love them. Comfort is awesome for a lowered car. Not scraping on anything, not hitting bump stops or bottoming out. Wheel gap looks great. Very impressed. When I do the rear sway bar I will be going Whiteline for sure.