Boxerfest 2021


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Intresting. I'm a maybe (in a non-subaru)!


Would be great to have you come up this way again. Basically the same drive you made to meet me at my work. Tons of non Subarus were there in 2019. The autocross event was cool and ran for quite a while. Worth the admission in my opinion.


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I would always be interested, but realistically I probably won't be able to make it for a few years. One day I'll get there!


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i'm not sure if i'll make it or not this year as i am low on funds from just buying a house. i also didnt really like the stupid small autocross course at york vs the old boxerfest area that was much bigger at fed ex field. that's just me being picky. i ran the autocross for the past 3 years of boxerfest


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It's not off the table entirely for me, however, it's improbable. :lol: