Cross country road trip '04 STi

Had a good drive yesterday thru Colorado and into Utah, stayed at a hotel near Zion natl park. Going to tour around Bryce canyon and Zion today and slowly make our way into AZ. Working on the pics now, not easy with just a smartphone ;)

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Here are a few quick pics I was able to attach, hopefully they show up ok. Mix of shots from Nebraska into Colorado and Utah.

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Glad your having a great trip bro

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Thanks! We are having a blast, my son is just loving the trip and that's what really makes it great. Car is doing good and running like a champ, and the weather is perfect, can't get much better!

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A few more pics while I have signal to upload them. Just a random selection that I picked out real quick so hopefully they are decent pictures. A few are from Zion natl Park and Bryce canyon and a couple from AZ.

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About 2300 miles so far, burned a total of 1 quart or so, not bad considering the hard driving we've done so far. Still running terrific, flashed the ECU for 91 octane since that is all we can find.

Only one issue so far that is minor, the gas cap "code" (p0457) keeps popping on lately. Clear it with the AP and reseat the gas cap and it's good till next fill-up or randomly comes back on after 100 miles or so. So gonna at least try a new cap when we get into PHX where there is a dealer. Normally I wouldn't care much, but cruise control is a necessity on a 6k mile trip.

Gonna go into the mountains near Prescott today and go gold mining/panning, maybe we'll find enough gold to pay for our trip! :)

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Went gold panning in Prescott AZ. Had a good time and found a little bit of gold so it was cool. Took the car thru some gnarly fire roads and did great and didn't even touch bottom at all.

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My god I'm so jealous right now. This is quite the vacation.


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Amazing! I think you should be a nice owner and give your baby a wash! :lol: :tup:

What are you averaging in MPG?
Amazing! I think you should be a nice owner and give your baby a wash! :tup:

What are you averaging in MPG?
Lol yes she got a good bath and general detail cleaning when we arrived at my brother's house in PHX. Gas mileage was averaging 27mpg roughly for the first 1500 miles or so, and that was pretty flat driving at 70-80mph. I haven't tracked it too well lately due to laziness 😀

We drove out from PHX to my dad's place in Southern California this past Saturday morning, drive went good. Was pretty hot out @ 100?+ but car stayed cool and no issues. It's been parked since Saturday and just using my dad's car to get around, some of these people drive too crazy and I'm not taking any chances. Going to change oil tomorrow and check everything over. I can hear/tell the AC belt is probably a tad loose and almost slipping.

We plan on leaving California Thursday and heading east but on a southern route along the Mexico/Texas border kinda and then into Arkansas (to go diamond mining 😀) Tennessee, Kentucky and back home into Indiana.

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We have a problem with the STi! The passenger low beam hid headlight was not working when we got into New Mexico last night. I had a spare new bulb, put it in and still not working. So I pulled the headlights and swapped the ballast and still no light on passenger or driver! So I swapped the ballast back to their original sides and now I've got no low beams at all on either side! Fuses are good, relays are clicking. I'm guessing the passenger ballast had a short internally and when I swapped it over it may have popped the driver side transformer circuit or something, I'm not really sure I'm working on all this in the parking lot of a holiday inn.

Question: can I re-aim the headlights lower so the high beams will get us by till I get home? I see an adjustment "knob" on the backside of both headlights, can I use this to aim the lights down (I don't think the adjustment on the dash is enough)?

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Strangely enough, both headlights worked fine tonight. I'm not sure what the deal is but glad they are working now!

Made it to the Texarkana area tonight, going to try some diamond mining 😀 tomorrow, we found gold in AZ maybe we'll get lucky and find a diamond to help pay for the trip lol. So far the trip has been phenomenal, so cool to see the countryside by car it's just a little tiring at times.

Had a Chevy avalanche try to race me or something in the Dallas area and also a full size older Chevy truck, what's up with the rednecks wanting to race lol? I just ignored them and kept on cruising and they eventually just gave up. Was pretty strange and funny I thought.

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Damn you should have stopped by. I'm in Dallas off highway 30. I live right of Lake Ray Hubbard

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Damn you should have stopped by. I'm in Dallas off highway 30. I live right of Lake Ray Hubbard

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Oh damn yeah that would've been cool. I even thought about ya when we got into Texas, but I was pretty sure you were up further north in the panhandle, that figures.

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My fault I should have said something sooner. What did you think of Texas? The sights are not great but I'm comparing to Northern California

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