J-K-Tuning (John Kerr) in Carlisle, PA


After a couple of weeks of searching I have made an appointment to get my 2015 STi tuned in July this year with John Kerr.
  1. The Search for a Tuner - several phone calls and email inquiries went out to multiple vendors. Due to tightening EPA restrictions and other factors, several companies only wanted to tune cars equipped with COBB (CARB compliant) parts and even for parts that did not effect emissions, COBB was pushed hard. This was a huge turn off for me and immediately crossed a few options off my list. Shout out to Delicious Tuning. When contacting them about e-tuning they were very helpful and informative. They are, however, bound to CARB compliant parts and e-tuning was the only option with them given their location in relation to me. After a couple days of seeing John Kerr's name pop up here and there (across multiple forums for different make and model cars) with only positive things to say, I sent him an email and yesterday spoke with him on the phone. He was very nice to speak with and very professional. The phone call gave me the confidence to immediately book for July 2nd.
  2. Website - https://jktuned.com/
  3. Cost - As of today the cost for me will be $600 for a flex fuel tune (retuning $200 for 1st hour, $100/hr for each after)
  4. Performance Mod List - Below is the list of mods that I will have installed prior to tuning:
    1. COBB AP V3
    2. Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit w/ Fuel Pressure Sensor (TGV input)
    3. AEM 340 e85 Fuel Pump
    4. FIC 1200 injectors
    5. COBB SF intake w/ heat shield
    6. Grimmspeed EBC
    7. NGK 2309 (1 step colder plugs) gapped between .025-.028 per John's recommendation for e85
**Updates to come on: Pre-dyno base map, Facility, Dyno Tune Day, Final Thoughts


FYI, I received permission to take my camera and video equipment to document the process in an excellent way to share with everyone here.

I may be able to find time to go up before my dyno day to see another car get tuned.

If that happens, I will post some info about that as well.
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