No sound and smoke coming out of my tail pipes HELP!


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One night when I was driving home with my 2015 STi I noticed a large drop of acceleration. The next day, I started my car and noticed that there was no noise coming out of my tail pipes, also there was no white smoke while warming it up. I tried to drive it to check it, unfortunately the turbo cannot build positive boost even at WOT.
No engine modifications, just an axle back exhaust with a protune. I'm in the province so it's a long way drive to the mechanic (400km). Please help.


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Do you have a check engine light?
Do you have any way to get engine logs (like an accessport)?
What were you doing when the drop in acceleration happened?
How long ago was it tuned?


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No check engine light and no accessport. It was protuned using Ecutek. I was only driving casually then suddenly there was a drop in acceleration. It was tuned about 9 months ago. Any idea on what happened?