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So some of you know Cyberu... Well it was time I gave him a face lift and repair some recent damage so I consulted with my friend Alex and he suggest I take my car to North Star Auto Collision in Oceansdie NY and discuss all the possibilities. That is where he takes all of his cars and his customer's cars when it is needed.

So Cyberu was in pretty poor shape by my standards. It was hit in a parking lot recently and there was damage to both front and back. I originally started the process of an insurance claim but then decided to take care of everything out of pocket because I wanted to do other things that insurance would not cover. Plus the whole claims process was taking its toll on my health and well being. (Essurance... if you are reading this... Go eff your selves) I wanted to correct some things that were bothering me beyond just the damage from being hit. I was also interested in putting it back to stock in the front and cleaning up the body a bit.

Here is what we discussed and I was willing to sacrifice some of my requirements to keep cost down...

Replace the front bumper
Repair any underlying damage
Repair the fenders
Replace the rear bumper
Paint to match.

Here is what they did at no extra cost and in a very timely fashion...

Replace the front bumper
Repair any underlying damage
Replaced the grill and emblems
Repair the fenders
Replace the rear bumper
Paint to match
Recondition and clear coat the carbon hood
Repair and clear coat the headlights
Removed dings in the body
Remove damage from bird shit on the roof
Repaired all scratches and chips
Full paint correction and detail

So beyond doing all of that work, I would consider the quality of the job to be show quality. The paint is flawless and the fender repair is perfect. Anthony, Dominic, and Shannon are super friendly and accommodating in every way. They understand the customer and his needs and they will protect the interest of the customer through every part of your claim. This is very rare to find in a NY shop these days and I am honored to have them work on Cyberu anytime the need arises.

Here are some pics. I have some other plans coming very soon and I will update my journal when I cross that bridge.






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Looks amazing!

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