P&L Exhaust


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I bought the full turbo-back catless exhaust. I first off have to say this is by far the best sounding exhaust I have heard on a Subaru. I bolted it up with ease. Had a little trouble lining up the tips as every exhaust system is hand made to order. It came with stainless steal nuts and bolts, also came with exhaust gaskets. Order to ship time wasn't too bad considering they make the exhaust system to order. Quality of the exhaust system is a 10. Sound is def a 10. Packaging is a 10. Overall the company was very communicative with my questions and concerns. I called often to find out the status on the fabrication of my exhaust system. I never got a gold shoulder and never received attitude. Always was welcomed with joyful voices ready to please. I personally think the exhaust tips could be a little bigger, but all in all it looks good.





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Looks sexy.

How much was it, and how long to get it from the time you ordered it?


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Thanks for the write-up. I'm also interested in the total order-to-delievery time.


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Could you post up a video of how she sounds??


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Is this how she sounds? If so badass!